5 Tactics to Hack the Attention of your customer for insurer, insurtech, and banks? - Dr. Robin Kiera

Movers and Shakers: What do you recommend on how to prepare for the future?

When being an insurance sales agent, I learned it the hard way: "Attention is the Key to Sales". 


Without attention, you can't sell anything even if you have the GREATEST product in the world.


The attention of the #Customer is constantly changing from the good old days of newspapers, magazines, TV to now between 8 and 10 billion #mobile devices with 3.2 billion #socialmedia users worldwide and with the continues #internet #innovations, possibilities are endless.


And I think #insurance and #finance industries are still at the 1980s when it comes to #advertisements, still doing TV #ads, newspapers, magazines and my favorite cold callings and "yearly sales talks".


In my keynote at the connected insurance conference (Thanks Graham for having me), I shared our tools and tactics we use every day to build a community of ten thousand of fans and reach millions each months. The same tools we use to reach B2B and B2C customers of our clients. I'll also share the most stupid thing I did that you can avoid when I was building Digitalscouting.

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