Selection of Articles and interviews:

"Sind Makler und Agenturist tot? Entscheider nehmen Stellung." - published by

"EIN TAG IM LEBEN EINES VERSICHERUNGSVORSTANDS 2089 - Die Zukunft ist jetzt" - Dr. Robin Kiera published at HERBST 2019 MarketReport - WAS VERSICHERER BEWEGT 

"Schluss mit Mythen: Warum KI und Open Banking Vermittler doch bedrohen" - article by Dr. Robin Kiera published by AssCompact.

"Banken und Versicherungen sind nicht dort, wo die Aufmerksamkeit des Kunden ist" - StarFinanz interview with Dr. Robin Kiera.


Dr. Robin Kiera, ist einer der weltweit top 10 Influencer und Thought Leader im Insurtech und Fintech – mit über 70.000 Follower und einer monatlichen Reichweite in den Millionen. Er wurde durch seine pointierten Key-Notes als „Rebel of the industry“ bekannt. Nach mehreren Leitungsfunktionen bei Banken, Versicherungen und Start-Ups gründete er – heute eine Unternehmensberatung und Attention Hacking Agentur.

"5 trends from InsureTech Connect—a European View" by Dr. Robin Kiera published by Insurance Innovation Reporter

"The significance of voice in the insurance and finance industry" by Dr. Robin Kiera published by

"The significance of voice in the insurance and finance industry" by Dr. Robin Kiera published by

InsurView posted the article "How Unknown #Insurtech Achieved IPO" by Dr. Robin Kiera and Lutz Kiesewetter in Chinese version

"Lemonade läutet das Ende der analogen Epoche ein" by Dr. Robin Kiera published by published my article "How Unknown Insurtech Achieved IPO"

InsurtechNews published the article: "Lessons Learned - How to Build a 1 Billion Dollar App" by Dr. Robin Kiera

The German Insurance Magazine "Der Versicherungsbote" published the article" Why Insurance policies are not actively asked for" or in German: "Warum Versicherungen nicht aktiv nachgefragt werden"  Dr. Robin Kiera

Here the German version of the article on "The Insurance Industry's Game of Thrones" in the Insurance Magazine "Der Versicherungsbote"


Game of Thrones - 5 Lehren für die Versicherungswirtschaft

"The Insurance Industry’s Game of Thrones" an article of Dr. Robin Kiera on Insurance Innovation Reporter (IRR).


Curious what is the connection of Insurance to the big hit tv series "Game of Thrones"?


Curious #GOT and insurance fans click here...

Dr. Robin Kiera shares his view on the state of the industry and the consequence of the mega funding of WeFox. The German TV station NTV describes him as "renown insurtech influencer" .


See the article here.

ApplePay fuels the fire of digital transformation

"ApplePay fuels the fire of digital transformation - for the insurance industry too." The German insurance magazine published my article on the market entry of ApplePay in Germany. See the original article in German here.

"Das Jahresgespräch ist tot – es lebe der Algorithmus" - Dr. Robin Kiera



Article by Dr. Robin Kiera shared with about "annual talk" and the effects of the internet on this customer approach strategy.


Learn more about the article here.

"Verlade das Schnellboot nicht auf einen Tanker!" - Carsten Maschmeyer


The shared our interview with Carsten Maschmeyer .


As one of the most successful insurance entrepreneurs of his time he he shared his view on the chances of new technologies, the current state of the industry and what kind of startups he is looking to invest in.


See the rest of the article here and also watch the video interview here.


Congratulations Procontra for winning 2nd place for the best InsurTech at recently held DKM 2018!
Thank you for mentioning us in your article DKM: Diese InsurTechs und FinTechs überzeugen

Digitization: "the biggest break in brokerage in the last fifty years"

"Even small players would have a chance to win against the old-established..."


I am happy to be quoted in the's article "Vermittler wird Kontaktjongleur zwischen Versicherer und Kunde" for DKM's Cover Concept Fair.

More insights about Digitization shared here. 

"How AI Revolutionizes the Industrial Sector"Ronald van Loon

Breakneck speed, unprecedented development and unhindered feasibility are just some of the phrases attached to the spread of Artificial Intelligence across various industries. AI today is at an important junction with huge potential for market growth. Currently valued at around $3 trillion, the market is expected to grow some 250 percent over the next five years to $8 trillion by 2023. Continue reading here.


5G internet will give insurance industry sleepless nights - Dr. Robin Kiera

5G Internet will give the insurance industry sleepless nights -Dr. Robin Kiera

Remember the first time we use the internet from that dial-up tone and now the futuristic 5th generation wireless or the so-called 5G.

In this article for Versicherungswirtschaft-Heute, Dr. Robin shared his tips on how the insurance industry, start-ups, and established players should take advantage of such technological advancement that can provide further value for demanding buyers.


Excite yourselves more by reading the rest of the article here.


Global Insurtech Transformation

Global transformation on InsurTech discussed by Dr. Robin Kiera, Nameer Khan and host of Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast Abel Travis.


What listeners learned?

  • InsurTech in the Middle East and Euroope
  • Digital Insurance Value Chain
  • Speed Of Technology Adaptation
  • Mobile As A Starting Point For Digital Strategies
  • Ecosystem Driven Insurance Adoption

 Learn more about the discussion here.

Is Lemonade coming to Germany?

Due to the possibility of Lemonade's expansion beyond the US, Dr. Robin Kiera shares his view on possible consequences hereof. .


Learn more here.

To develop a customer focused, data driven fintech app you need independance?

Interview of Dr. Robin Kiera and Nicholas Ziegert about the app OWNLY: aimed at the affluent and professionals. They reveal how they build it and what users can expect next.


See the rest of the article here.

How Mutual Understanding Bridges the Business Disputes
A secret meeting between  Daniel Schreiber of Lemonade and Julian Teicke of Wefox initiated by Dr. Robin Kiera satisfied both parties and settled the arguments.

See the rest of article at VW editorial's

"Lemonade und Wefox legen Klagestreit in Geheimmeeting bei"


Lemonade and ONE resolve copyright dispute

Lemonade had alleged ONE infringed the company’s IP and violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Mediation was initiated and managed by Dr. Robin Kiera of Digitalscouting.

Lemonade and Wefox put legal dispute aside

We are proud to share this article announcing the reconciliation between Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade Inc. and  Julian Teicke, Founder and CEO of Wefox.


Settlement efforts were initiated and mediated by Dr. Robin Kiera.



See the rest of the article here...

"Why 5G Will Rock the Insurance World" -Dr. Robin Kiera

Most insurers and banks are still busy with reacting to the digital change and change in customer behavior of the last decade.

Bad news: More is coming around. One of the - in my view - underestimated topics is the new mobile internet standard 5G.

Here an article in which I shared my views. Happy to hear what you think.


"We need a cultural change" -Dr. Robin Kiera

Proontra's "InsurTechs – Investorenkultur mangelhaft" article featuring Dr. Robin Kiera addressing the prevailing weak investor's ecosystem in Berlin and the needs to augment all efforts for the #insurtech industry.


Why we need to step up the game? Read more here.

"WeChat - How to thrill millions through digital products"

Another article of Versicherungsbote featuring Dr. Robin Kiera where he shared how WeChat dominated the 1 billion users.


Why is WeChat technology leader? Read more here.

Dr. Robin Kiera named in the AssCompact article for Digisurance 18

Digisurance 18 with a motto "Numbers and Facts instead of Future and Fiction" attracted 160 spectators to the DBB Forum Berlin.

See the highlights here.

A renaissance of bancassurance? Dr. Robin Kiera shared his expert opinions on Finletter  article regarding the integration of banking and insurance.


What readers learned?

Dr. Robin Kiera featured in Versicherungsbote's Article


"In the boardrooms, the alarm sirens should now be in continuous operation." -Dr. Robin Kiera


Dr. Robin Kiera was interviewed for an article for Versicherungsbote Germany where he shared his radical opinions about the technological approach,  what insurance companies should prioritize, industry updates and forecast.

Click here to learn more.

Stephen Goldstein of DailyFintech was so kind to mention my key-note at the Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, USA.

Interview in the German insurance print magazine: Der Versicherungsbote: "In den Vorstandsetagen sollten die Alarmsirenen in Dauerbetrieb sein" (In Boardrooms the alarm bell should be ringing constantly by now)

The Financial Brand published my article WeChat: The Future of Banking Ecosystems is Moving West.

Carrier Management (USA) published my article "Insurance Today is like Bundesliga"

The Schade Magazin (Netherland) wrote a short article "Zilveren Kruis op 35 in digitale wereldtop" about my ranking on digital insurance companies. 

Versicherungswirtschaft (Germany): quoted me in their article: "Global Insurtech Roadshow: 8 minutes to fame"

Superior Access (USA) quoted me in their article: "What agents should know about customer digital experiences."

Article in the Versicherungswirtschaft heute (in German): "Es muss kernsaniert werden" (It's necessary to reconstruct (insurance companies) from the bottom up).

Interview on about employee engagement and how to foster it. 

My interview with Matteo Carbone "Versicherungen kann man nicht wie Smartphones kaufen" was translated into German and published by the Versicherungsbote.

"Culture eats Digital Transformation for Breakfast" a new article of me in the Startup-Valley-News-Magazin (in German). See also the following video here.

My interview with Matteo Carbone has been re-published by InsurtechNews.

Interview "The patience of the customer has reached it's limits" in LesEchos, the largest financial newspaper in France, translated by Joël Bassani.



Contributed to the Digital Banking Report by Jim Marous and

Interview on Insly by Triinu Murumäe.

Interview by LesEchos, the largest financial newspaper in France, by Laurent Thevenin.

Article (in German) in the Versicherungsjournal: "Amazon poaches Insurtech-Employees"

Article: "Amazon is coming. Game over for the insurance industry?" on InsurTech.News. The German and English version of this article received over 62.000 views and kicked-off an international debate.

Article: "Amazon kommt. Game over für die Versicherungsindustrie" in the Versicherungsjournal, Germanies industry magazine with the largest reach. The article - published in December 2017 - became on it's day of release the most read article and commentary of the year in the Versicherungsjournal. 

Interview in "10 things you must do in 2018 to have more meaningful customer conversations" by SmartCommunications

Article "Old Minded Dudes can't do Digital Transformation" in the German Startup-Valley-News Magazin mentioned on the cover.

Interview with me on InsurTechnews (Milano, Italy): "Robin Kiera, one of the known faces of insurtech, discussing startups, incumbents and the future of the insurance industry"

Two articles on Talk and Panel at Hamburg.AI on the Hamburg Digital Magazine "Hansevalley" and Hamburg-Start-Ups.


Article of me on by Björn Bergfeld


In German: "Das Insurtech Lemonade könnte den Versicherungsmarkt revolutionieren - vor allem durch die Art und Weise, wie es sich zur Schaden-Kosten-Quoto positioniert. Ein Gastkommentar von Dr. Robin Kiera, Experte für Digitalisierung in der Versicherungsbranche."



Interview with me on by Sabine Elsässer


"Fail fast, fail often, fail cheap - the best way to learn... In insurtech and fintech we see a second wave of start-ups. Pioneer entrepreneurs mostly attacked a part of the value chain of their industry. Now we see new companies – a lot still in stealth mode – attacking the value chain as a whole. We still see a lot of talk about corporation between start-ups and corporates but this truce is going to be over at some point." See here.

Article of me on by Jim Marous


"Lemonade, the mobile-based, peer-to-peer insurance startup has been been dubbed, “The Uber of insurance”. Providing consumers with policies at a fraction of the cost of what competitors offer, can this start-up disrupt a major category of financial services?"



Translation by the Beijing Insurance Research Institute  of my article: "Lemonade: The Mobile-Based, AI-Fueled Insurance Industry Disruptor" into Chinese - including several updates. The translation was published on several sites in China: (23),

Interview with me by Samir El-Alami, CEO of

  "ONE is proud to be part of the global insurtech landscape, helping to shape and build the future of insurance using technology and data in ways that truly innovate and add value to people’s lives all over the world. With the above in mind, we sat down with Robin Kiera and picked his brains on his thoughts on the future of insurance. Dr. Robin Kiera: One of Germanys Top insurtech influencers and insurance industry experts. Speaker, author and blogger. Over 12 years, Robin gained experience in leading large transformation projects at corporations and helping startups to scale and optimize structures. He worked at companies such as Allianz and Goodgame Studios. See here.

Article by Moritz Finkelnburg in


"Die Versicherungswelt spricht von Digitalisierung und Insurtechs. Sie gründet Labs im Sillicon Valley und in China, sie ernennt Chief Digital Officers und Digital Investment Officers. Sie investiert in Start-ups, Bootcamps und Blockchain-Initiativen. Aber eine Gruppe scheint nie im Fokus zu stehen: die Influencer. Jeder kennt sie – und niemand redet über sie. Dabei sind sie die heimlichen Strippenzieher im Hintergrund. Und wollen vielleicht auch genau dort bleiben. Sie sind das Getriebeöl, das die Motoren der Old Economy und der Insurtech-Welt verbindet und geschmeidig hält. [...] Es sind im DACH-Raum gar nicht viele, denen man diese Funktion für die Insurtech-Szene zuschreiben mag. Durchforscht man die Netzwerke, stößt man auf Namen wie Karl Heinz Passler, Stefan Pohl, Martin Mecha, Robin Kiera, Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer oder in der Schweiz Christina Kehl und in Wien Erika Krizsan."

 Interview by Orchid on

 Is there life after gamedev? While numerous people ask about how to get into the games business, some use it as a kickstart for their careers, eventually ending up in other industries. Like, for instance, Robin Kiera, formerly an in-house consultant for Goodgame studios, Casual Connect speaker, and then project lead at an insurance company. Robin is now experiencing and documenting how gaming industry experts can help traditional industries to introduce fast, sophisticated, customer-centric products, services, and business models. “Or they can join startups and challenge traditional players”, he says. See here. 

Article on


"At the beginning of 2015, Goodgame Studios, the leading German games developer and producer of Goodgame Empire, Empire: Four Kingdoms, and Big Farm, reorganized its game development departments from an integrated matrix structure into an autonomous studio structure. At first glance, there seemed to be no reason for this, considering that 2014 was a record-breaking year with tremendous growth in revenue and a doubling of the company’s size to 1,200 employees. Nevertheless, only one new game was released during that year. After an in-depth analysis, management decided to improve the company’s game production structure to ensure future success."

Reshared Article on 


"Lemonade: The Uber of Insurance?"



Lemonade, the mobile-based, peer-to-peer insurance startup has been dubbed, “The Uber of insurance”, providing consumers with policies at a fraction of the cost of what competitors offer. Can this startup disrupt a major category of financial services?

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