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Conferences and events around the world enable the international insurance and finance community to meet, exchange best practices and start co-operations.

Digitalscouting supports these vital events as media partner, providing speakers, panelists and moderators leveraging our social media reach and attention hacking capabilities.

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Media Partnerships

NURTURING THE AI ECOSYSTEM IN EGYPT Leveraging AI solutions by forming communities of organisations, experts, and enthusiasts that collaborate to learn and build trusted and socially-beneficial AI solutions.
BOOSTING AFRICA’S PROSPECTS FOR CYBER SOLUTIONS A virtual gathering of global tech leaders to highlight and discuss the future adoption of cyber security solutions that will help boost Africa’s tech infrastructure into the new normal.
RESHAPING ASIA'S TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD ORDER WITH OTT C-Suite executives like CEOs, COOs, CTOs, Presidents, VPs, GMs, Senior VPs, Executive VPs, Heads of Originals/Programming, Heads of Partnerships, Heads of Strategy, Senior Directors are convening virtually to discuss latest strategies & tech trends to power Asia with OTT services and devices.
ENABLING THE FUTURE OF DATACENTERS AND CLOUD IN AFRICA Exploring the rising core data strategies and digital infrastructures along with data centers that will drive the next phase of cloud adoption in Africa.
DEFINING THE FUTURE OF AI IN AUSTRALIA Capitalising on AI and new-age technologies to innovate and build upon a constantly evolving digital economy while improving the country’s quality of life.

World Big Data & Analytics Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events that takes place in strategic locations across the world.

As part of the world tour, this Indian edition is virtually gathering pre-qualified C-Suite IT Leaders, Business Analysts, Data Heads, Heads of Research, Industry Practitioners, IT Decision Makers, and Experts in Big Data & Analytics among others from cross-industry verticals across India.

The show features exciting keynotes, government and enterprise use-case presentations, product showcases, panel discussions, and tech talks to discuss the latest challenges and explore the latest applications in data-powered solutions.

World Esports and Gaming Summit, is Asia’s biggest foray into the esports and gaming space. Set over the course of 2 days, the summit, hosted on a virtual platform, will cover the current state of esports and build on the already strong framework of gaming within the continent. With an aim of hosting over 1500+ executives/professionals/enthusiasts from all gaming industry verticals, the summit will also act as a platform for change to discuss, deliberate, and share insights within these forward-moving industries.

The COVID-19 pandemic bought about a shock of unprecedented magnitude for organisations both large and small. Business leaders had therefore one prime goal: to find solutions to keep their employees working. For many companies, tools used to enable remote working meant they could continue to survive. We will see changes to the digital workplace in the coming years too and a lot of these changes will be a direct result of what we learned from COVID-19’s impact. While we will reach the end of the current pandemic and return to the workplace; the digital workplace we established will be the foundation to build a more stable and deliberate digital workplace. With this in mind, DIGITAL WORKPLACE TECH SUMMIT 2021 will focus on how to engage a modern workforce, lead their digital transformation journey and embrace disruptions while HR, Technology & Transformation teams bring in the latest innovations to support their teams to boost employee productivity and engagement and unleash a culture of digital agility across the organization. Key topics 

  • A Practical Approach to Digitizing Workplace Experience through
  • Digital Workplace Solutions for The New Work Environment During the Covid Crisis and Beyond
  • The New Normal – Transition from office to Work from home
  • Importance of teamwork and collaboration in Digital World
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Workplace
  • Smarter Cybersecurity for Digital Workplace
Celebrating the Women in Insurance Technology and Leadership. World is moving towards digitalization faster than ever after the COVID-19 pandemic and so is the Insurance Industry. So, in this conference we are celebrating the insurance industry's foremost women of influence and leadership at the 2nd Annual Women in Insurance Tech Virtual Conference on July 29 - 30, 2021. Not trying to Empower Women in Insurance. Rather, we are empowering the insurance world with the influence of women leaders. New situations and scenarios have allowed insurance companies to break conventional barriers and start thinking differently to transform their businesses. The surge of Insurance Technology (InsurTech) has opened new business models, strategies and cutting-edge technologies to leap onto the next stop in your digital transformation journey.  

With the dawn of digitization, the arrival of “new normal”, growing exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks, and the upcoming FIFA 2022, Qatar is committed to building a secure Cyber Ecosystem and building capabilities to cope with exponential changes.

Under the theme “Waking Up to the New Normal-A step towards effective cyber resilience “, CyberX Qatar is taking place on 7th-8th June 2021 (Virtual Edition) and brings together a cross-section of the most influential stakeholders from across the organization level, at every stage of the Cybersecurity project life cycle.

#CYBERXQATAR Featured Discussions

  • Cyber Resilience in “New Normal”: Securing Digital Economy
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence in the Digital Age
  • Reducing Cyber-Exposure Gap on Modern Assets
  • Cyber Resilience in Critical National Infrastructure
  • Role of AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Cyber Security Implications of Big Data in Healthcare
  • Resiliency in Fraud Prevention & Detection with the proliferation of Connected Devices
  • The Evolving and Expanding Nature of Cyber Threats
  • Importance of Implication of Cyber Security Education and Training in Qatar: Bridging the Talent Gap
  • “HER Dialogue”- Women in Cyber Security

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been labelled as part of the fourth industrial revolution, with industries in Australia seeing a surge in investment in AI technologies. Investment in AI capabilities in Australia is projected to grow to AU$1.98 billion (US$1.42 billion) by 2025, that’s a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22 percent per annum from 2016’s AU$333 million (US$239 million) figure. AI will drive enormous budget savings in Government Administration, National Security, Healthcare, Education, Financial Markets and services, Mining, Infrastructure and Logistics. This growth in the emergent technology comes with its own sets of risks – from an immature legal framework to limited knowledge, buy-in, implementation and execution of the technology. Certainly, companies that invest in skills development and technical competence of AI will benefit, and those that don’t run the risk of falling victim to it. With this in mind, Future AI Summit Australia 2021 brings Government agencies and industry leaders to advance discussions and share key learnings in advancing their AI journey to gain a competitive advantage and adapt to a world driven by AI.

Why should you join us? To see the latest trends from the insurance industry and become an Insider. Are you working in a future-oriented company? Do you want to learn more about the future of insurance? Do you like Insurance? If you answered the 3 questions with YES, you are definitely suitable for our DIGITAL Innovation Day. Szücs Gergely will lead us throughout the day. We have developed an amazing digital event concept for you.  
This conference would serve as a platform for the discourse on the roles of banking and non-banking institutions, financial organisations, investment firms, fintech companies, and other stakeholders in developing inducements to the paradigm shift within the Banking and Finance sector in the Southern African Region. Currently, the Southern African banking sector is becoming more strategically focused and technologically advanced as it applies to responding to customer expectations. The post pandemic era with its restricted movements and the need for touchless services has certainly sparked the motivation for the utilization of digital services in all aspects of our everyday live and so is the case for the financial sector as well. Banking services and Financial Institutions will need to act fast to create a robust framework, to survive in the post COVID-19 era. Keeping in mind the evolving landscape of banking industry in Southern African, Exibex –the team behind Finnovex Global Series is proud to present Finnovex Southern Africa Virtual Summit 2021 The Leading Summit on Financial Services Innovation and Excellence. The event will be held to discuss the roles of banking and non-banking institutions, financial organizations, investment firms, fintech companies, and other stakeholders in developing inducements to the paradigm shift in this sector.  

It is a phenomenal convergence of stakeholders within the FinTech and Banking industry to collaborate and discuss the impact of emerging technologies and innovations as it relates to financial services delivery.

The pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of the banking sector causing the structural changes under the lockdown making the demand from fintech firms for space resilient coming out of lockdown. With the temporary closure of most business premises, including retail banks, forcing businesses and consumers to rapidly adapt to new circumstances in order to survive. More than 75 per cent of the population in Europe is expected to be using digital banking services by the end of 2021.

In the bid to address the imperative for coordinated technology deployment in financial services, Exibex - the team behind Finnovex Global Series is proud to present Finnovex Europe VIRTUAL 2021 The Leading Summit on Financial Services Innovation and Excellence.



TECH Conference Europe Spring Edition will have a special focus on innovation in AI, Immersive Experiences, Mobility, and Smart Cities

Europe – 01 March 2021 – There are just two weeks left until the Spring Edition of TECH Conference Europe (TCE) will open its virtual doors. On 16 March, the team at Hipther Agency, organizers of the TCE series, will take you on a journey that will impress even some of the biggest forward thinkers of our times.

The program of the virtual conference will focus on the latest developments in AI, Education, Immersive Experiences, Mobility, and Smart Cities.

The program includes the following discussions:

  • Creativity in Gaming & Animation: Immersive experiences
  • Training and Education in XR – development and implementation
  • Mobility and Smart Cities
  • Self-driving cars, where are we at? – safety, investment, setbacks
  • Security and Privacy in Artificial, Virtual and Mixed Reality
  • Health and Wellness – AI and XR Integrations