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Conferences and events around the world enable the international insurance and finance community to meet, exchange best practices and start co-operations.

Digitalscouting supports these vital events as media partner, providing speakers, panelists and moderators leveraging our social media reach and attention hacking capabilities.

So if you are planning an event, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to contribute to the success of your event – globally.

Media Partnerships

Finnovation East Africa 2020 is a very different kind of event, a complete reboot, for a very different kind of industry. Deconstructed and shorn of all the usual, tired formats of the traditional convention and built from the ground up as a genuinely new event that is a ground-breaking in its focus as it is in its format and aspiring to be as innovative and transformative as the dynamic FinTech market it serves.

#BlockchainSummit is the leading Blockchain for Business event – offering unparalleled access to decision makers, visionaries, influencers and disruptors from the world of enterprise and tech. 200 inspirational speakers and 25 of the most innovative next-gen vendors discuss, demo and showcase the latest industry, Blockchain and DLT innovations. Use our 20% Discount Code: DS20

#MoneyNext Summit is the leading event to address the financial landscape in 2020 and beyond – offering unparalleled access to decision makers, visionaries, influencers and disruptors from the world of finance. 200 inspirational speakers and 25 of the most innovative next-gen vendors discuss, demo and showcase the latest industry innovations. Use our 20% Discount Code: DS20

Build the foundation for claims greatness at Connected Claims USA 2020 (June 24th-25th, Chicago), the largest claims conference in the world exploring the cutting-edge technologies and strategies that unlock new efficiencies and boost customer satisfaction. Now is the time to move from strategy to action.

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Insurance Innovators: Nordics 2020 will feature the highest calibre speakers from incumbents and insurtechs across the Nordic region and beyond. Over two days and two stages, the agenda is packed with case studies and panel discussions covering topics such as digital transformation, eco-systems & platforms, customer experience and the future of insurance. In 2020 ‘innovation’ is the name of the game – join us to learn how your firm can evolve, compete and thrive in the digital age.

Innovative tech, AI and machine learning is changing the game. Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2020 (May 12– 13, Chicago) is the only forum uniting senior insurance data and analytics, technology and business unit executives to explore strategies to achieve both efficient and seamless operations and turbocharged growth. Click here to learn more...

PICANTE TECH Conference Europe is designed to bring together innovation with compliance via several panel discussions and exclusive keynote presentations which are always attended by the top leading and emerging European Startups, SMEs and Large Enterprises.

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Blockchain Life 2002 is the 5th annual event on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining in Russia and Europe. On April 22-23 it welcomes more than 5000 participants from 70 countries.

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Secure your future today: Develop Carrier-OEM-supply chain collaboration, deliver seamless transportation solutions through connectivity and develop models that provide customer choice, safety and security at Auto Insurance USA (April 16-17, Chicago).

Auto Insurance USA is bringing together 250+ senior executives from across the ecosystem- to enable all participants to become digital, customer-centric businesses.

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Global Insurtech Summit in Istanbul is the place where West meets East, a meeting point for the leaders of the insurance industry with the most innovative InsurTech companies globally.  United around Think Digital Theme, 350+ delegates, 70+ speakers, representatives from 50+ countries, will talk about innovation, technology, insurance, customer experience, tools, and solutions, with case studies and demo sessions included.

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A 2-day networking event with revolutionary Keynotes, Case Studies, & Panel Discussions. Comprising of high profile delegates who are the key decision-makers from the biggest Organizations, Innovative Startups, Governments and Universities around the globe, aims to discuss the challenges and explore best-practices to optimize the Digital Onboarding, and  Customer Experience.

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Get up to speed on all the latest tech innovations at Digital Insurance 2020 – the event which gives you practical, hands-on insights from Europe’s leading digital pioneers. From implementing strategic innovation and harnessing the power of new data, to revolutionising the customer experience and effectively integrating new technologies, this event will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to fully capitalise on all things digital. Shake off those legacy cobwebs, get inspired by our stellar speakers and embrace the future of insurance. Use discount code: DS25 to save on tickets. Find out more by downloading the brochure here: 

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Be a part of the community building the future of insurance Landing in 2020 – Europe’s leading insurance conference is coming to America. Insurance Innovators: USA will bring together key stakeholders from across the full spectrum of the American insurance industry; from traditional carriers and insurtech disruptors, to investors and solution providers. This event is a one-stop shop to make those all-important connections and gather information on the latest trends and innovations.

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