Friday, September 17, 2021


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Conferences and events around the world enable the international insurance and finance community to meet, exchange best practices and start co-operations.

Digitalscouting supports these vital events as media partner, providing speakers, panelists and moderators leveraging our social media reach and attention hacking capabilities.

So if you are planning an event, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to contribute to the success of your event – globally.

Past Media Partnerships

Finance Innovators, Traditional Players, Blockchain professionals, and Regulation Experts will meet in 1 place to discuss the future of the Digital Finance.

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Insurers are made or broken by a successful claims function. Those willing to invest in serving their customers now will be the success stories tomorrow. Connected Claims Europe reveals precisely how European leaders are transforming the claims function; join us and make the ‘moment of truth’ a moment to remember.

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An annual Insurtech innovation gathering in China sharing both global and local best practices and plentiful case studies. Explore the how insurtech changing the insurance value chain, China's insurtech trends and innovations in insurance products, pricing, operations and technologies.

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"Redefining Finance through DLT & Emerging Tech" This year, BFC EU will examine a host of disruptive technologies including distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, cloud and big data to help you determine the most suitable technologies for your business needs.  

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Experts and participants from 70 countries will discuss the fast development of blockchain technology in Russia and the world. All possible ways of making money on cryptocurrencies and innovative start-ups, blockchain implementations and market forecasts will be reviewed at the forum.

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"Eine Woche. Eine Stadt. Das Beste zur Zukunft der Finanzen" a fintech gathering of 1500 visitors setting 30 events from the meet up to the big conference. Banking is thinking outside the box to discuss the industry trends, progressive markets, and network with important contacts.

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Collecting the industry's bests from around the world in a 2-day event challenging the traditional world of insurance with potential to learn, boost your business and connect.

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