Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Dr. Robin Kiera as one of the “TOP CRYPTO INFLUENCERS” by BeInCrypto

Dr. Robin Kiera is recognized by BeInCrypto as one of the Top Crypto Influencers along with The Bitcoin Family, Finanzielle Freiheit Dank Kryptowährungen (FFDK), Dennis Koray, Melchionda, Dr. Julian Hosp and Frank Schwab who have shown true passion in the complicated decentralized cryptocurrency technology. Cryptocurrency emerged as an alternative to the traditional methods of financial exchange that piqued the public’s interest. Its growing popularity opened several opportunities for businesses in relevance to security, autonomy, efficiency, and many more, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing its limitations will help us understand more where this technology can be best utilized. See the full list by clicking the button below.

Dr. Robin Kiera as one of the Panelists for Insurtech Business Series Conference

Dr. Robin Kiera joins Insure 365 Nigeria's first-ever Insurtech Business Series Conference as a panellist for a roundtable discussion with a topic, "Insurtech and Fintech: Partnership for Inclusive Insurance," on November 27, 2020, at 1:20 PM WAT.

Dr. Robin Kiera as one of the “25 INSURTECH INFLUENCERS TO FOLLOW BY 2020”

AI is being used in many critical industries like Healthcare and Driverless cars. But have you ever imagined up to what extent can AI impact Insurtech and finance? Because that’s where the money lies! With so much innovation being done in the space of Insurtech, we are seeing one of the biggest disruptions happening in front of us. Most of the Insurance related tasks required the customers to go through the pain of endless paperwork, misleading terms & conditions and then claiming their insurance which they deserve. New age AI powered solutions have disrupted the complete process altogether. From paperless customer onboarding on apps in minutes to claiming insurance just by uploading images in the app and friendly Chatbots, AI not only is making the space of Insurtech faster, but also convenient and safer! In this article we present you 25 such spearheads of this disruption of AI in Insurtech going into 2020 whom you should follow.

See the rest of the list here.