Friday, September 17, 2021

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Besides running and all its social media outlets, we help insurers, banks and service provider in several areas. They all have one thing in common: We aim at converting a push sales into a pull buy - making your customers come to you

Task Force Sales

Leading remotely

Attention Hacking

Digital Strategy

Worldwide Research

Digital Products

Market Entry into Europe

Modern Sales

Task Force Sales - Revenue instead of Netflix

Millions of sales professionals are at home. In insurance and finance a lot can't visit their clients. Some are able to do business via video consultation - but lead funnels are drying up.

We help sales organizations in insurance and finance around the world to set up, manage and organize task forces focusing on their sales department. We set-up fast lane action plans that mobilize the task force, enable them to fill the sales funnel, communicate with their clients and start producing again.

It's good that large parts of the industry are not moving. Your time to grow into their market share.

The time for sales is now

Empires are formed in crisis.

Traditional leadership tools are failing

Empires are formed in crisis.

Leading remotely - staying productive

Around the world, millions of employees are working from home. Traditional leadership tools are failing.

Digitalscouting has been a remote company from day one. In the short term, we help decision makers at insurer and banks with structured communication campaigns to ensure employees share the vision and mission of the company in this crisis situation.

In the mid-term we help corporates to develop a strategy for organizing work in a post-covid19 world.

Attention Hacking - making your customer come to you

We have worked in sales. We know how hard it is to sell financial products. Wouldn’t it be great to convert the push sales process into a pull buy. Wouldn’t it be great if customers would buy your products as excited as an iPhone. We found a way. That you are reading this and we did not contact you, is proof of that.

A strategy for a digital world.

All of our clients want two things: Avoid avoidable mistakes and get concrete best practices, tools and tactics that worked in other companies.

Due to our insights and presence into different ecosystems, industries and ecosystems we identify avoidable mistakes in your company and provide tools, tactics and hacks that worked at other places. Some might work for you too and provide an advantage in your market place.

Digital Products - getting an outside view

You have an App, Website or Voice skill that do not deliver the results you planned. Or you are launching or planning a digital product and you wish to get an outside view on it?

We have built digital products that moved billions. In our team we have renown UX, UI, conversion and strategy experts that provide hard but honest feedback with actionable feedback that helps you to produce a digital product your customers love.

Billions moved

We produced several digital products that were successfull

Worldwide Research

You are evaluating your options for a large decision. You would like to have insights that differ from what everyone is referring to? Our team of industry experts around the world delivers first class insights into their ecosystems, unusual best practices and outside views. We deliver unknown use cases and tools you can’t find in a data base.

In our network we have world class leaders, influencers and thought leaders.

Market entry and market expansion

You would like to enter the European market or expand significantly? You don’t want to take the route everyone has taken before you? You’d love to have results faster and customers coming to you?

We design or give feedback to your market entry strategy, target markets and target companies.

We combine attention hacking campaigns with opening our network to the movers and shakers of the industry.

Modernizing of financial sales

You have a large sales force of sales representatives and sales managers? They are still working with customer lists, cold calls and regular visits to end clients or sales partnere?

We help you to lower travel costs significantly and increase sales by leveraging attention hacking. We make your sales managers and representatives micro influencers in their endconsumer community and the sales representatives they manage.

We detach the growth of your revenue from the growth of your sales force.

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