Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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We aim at converting a push sales into a pull buy - making your customers come to you


  • We provide an honest and in-depth analysis of your business and work with you and your team to develop bold actions that will help you to achieve your goals. We have insights from successful insurers, start-ups and companies around the world and deliver proven solutions.
  • We help implement the measures as a sparring partner - including project management, recruiting, onboarding and restructuring.

Concrete products:

  • Strategy Audit
  • Development of a modern corporate or divisional strategy
  • Implementation of this strategy with very specific prioritized measures

Sales - Selling More

  • We help distributors to increase their results.
  • We achieve this by combining their traditional strengths with the potential of modern digital sales approaches and avoid a linear increase in personnel costs.
  • We empower your sales managers to scale the touchpoints with their agents and brokers - by producing and distributing massive amounts of digital content for this micro-target audience.
  • We train their exclusivity organization or brokers to in turn massively increase the touch points with their clients and prospects to generate more revenue
  • We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their own sales - especially in terms of systematic follow-up, hit lists, key account development, cold calling and the effective use of social media.

Concrete products:

  • Sales Audit - we analyze your sales
  • Social Selling Academy program - we systematically train your team with bootcamps, editorial sessions and production sessions

Social Media - Strategy and Production

  • We help you to use the systematic potential of social media for your company - even if you have historically grown structures.
  • We help you modernize your marketing and empower you to use modern, efficient and effective digital content, formats and channels.

Concrete products:

  • Member of the Board on Linkedin - we get your members moving on social media. We do this through systematic training as well as full service digital content production
  • Social media audit - we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your existing social media work
  • Social Media Strategy - we deliver a customized social media strategy including a step-by-step plan for implementing very specific measures
  • Social Media Academy - we empower your team in our Social Media Academy with the technical handling of tools and modern concepts and principles for creating digital content - tailored to the channels relevant to you.

Tiktok - Seize The Opportunity

  • We help you harness the potential of Tiktok to achieve a reach of millions

Concrete products:

  • Tiktok startup help - As one of the world's largest channels (in terms of number of videos published), we empower your team to grow on Tiktok, too
  • Tiktok Full Service - We handle large parts of the conception, production and community management

Videos - That are Watched

  • People watch more and more videos and use this as a source of information. Due to a large flood of information, the demands on video content are increasing. It must be modern, fast, informative and entertaining.
  • We produce thousands of videos per year and know how to transfer complex issues into easy to understand videos.
  • We produce videos that your target group likes to watch

Specific products

  • Unique Video: We advise you on the stories that will best reach your target audience. We translate these into a video. On one day of shooting at any location in Europe, we shoot the video and produce it completely. Your time investment is minimal. Your result is not.
  • Video Series : We also consult and produce entire video series.

Insurtech & Insurance Community: Known worldwide as innovative and successful.

  • There is an international Insurtech and Insurance Community - the best known companies are regularly on stage, are permanently present on social media and shape the topics and trends of a worldwide industry.
  • We position you and your company - if you meet the criteria - as a part of this global innovation community

Concrete products:

  • Audit and Strategy
  • Tangible Campaign - we produce thought-leadership videos, position you in global trade magazines, and enable you to share your story on the biggest and most popular stages. In turn, we use this as an opportunity to produce high-quality image, video and text content with and for you.
  • Entering the German insurance market: Do you have a product you would like to sell to insurers and banks or are you looking for strong partners in our industry? We will position you in the industry, make your sales people familiar faces and open our address book. With us you save yourself years of sales work.

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