Saturday, March 28, 2020

6 Fast Copy Editing Hacks For Writers Who Hate Grammar

There are few details in the world of writing that come under more scrutiny than grammar. Even seasoned writers can find themselves grappling with the finer points. Those same seasoned writers also discovered early on that if they want to make friends with their editors, they need to share some of the editing responsibility.

While it is important to view every manuscript as a draft until the final draft is settled upon and submitted, it is always good policy to write as if you are about to submit the finished product right now. Editing might not be the most exciting part of your project, but it is necessary.

Good grammar lends authority to what you write. Bad grammar destroys it. Don’t take the responsibility of knowing and using good grammar lightly. There are few things in the world of writing that are criticized more hotly, especially when mistakes slip through the cracks and get submitted to a particularly difficult editor.

Using online editing apps – a word of advice

If you wish to become a better writer over time, you should not rely on applications like Hemingway and Grammarly to correct your mistakes forever.


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