Saturday, March 28, 2020

Tesla is winning the next-gen auto industry’s war on data

Tesla has become the hottest car maker in America and they are doing it by focusing on data, which is something that legacy automakers are not really doing very well today. While Detroit continues to push traditional ad campaigns that focus on speed, performance, and safety, Tesla has taken a drastically different approach — and it is evidently paying off.

In the past decade, a new trend has arisen in the American automotive market. According to, millennials perceive traditional cars as expensive and pollution-pumping modes of transportation. Amidst the rise of ride-hailing services, the next-generation of car buyers do not seem very eager to get behind the wheel of a personal vehicle, or at least one that is conventional, and acquired through a conventional dealership.

The main issue is that cars are simply not compelling or “fun” to consumers anymore. They are expensive and boring, and unfortunately, none of the traditional car manufacturers have been able to solve the riddle. Then there is Tesla. In a 60 Minutes segment, Scott Pelley said that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was revolutionizing vehicles,


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