does your CEo know digital?

When we sit or present in boardrooms we often witness how innovators inside companies struggle to put their plans into reality - often this is because parts of the board don't fully innovation. We also see often how motivated young or young-minded board members truly try to push innovation and to save the organization - but have a hard time with it.


We are not only seeing, but feeling this, because we have been there on the other side.


Digitalscouting has helped innovators and board members to form a sustainable digital strategy - from the meta level to the nitty gritty of project portfolios . We deliver insights into the business, product and technology trends we scout around the world. We get booked as sparring partner for digital transformation and product strategy.


We also help innovators to get their voices heard. A lot of times we see how great people at great companies to great things, but neither internally nor externally their projects get noticed. Here we help with providing the tactics, tools and strategies that made successfull: Attention Hacking. 


So if you believe, your company and your CEO are ready for digital transformation, we are happy for you. If you think they are not, I am happy to talk to you, come by and hold a talk in front of your team or board. The rest will develop from there. 


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