Thursday, June 4, 2020

Insurance And Finance Live - Movers and Shakers from around the world

Millions of insurance and finance professionals around the world are being sent home. Agents and brokers face worried customers. At the same time physical sales channels face tremendous challenges. Senior and middle management are confronted with new situations.

Around the world movers and shakers in the insurance and finance industry develop strategies, tools and tactics to overcome the current difficulties or even use this time to prepare growth.

Digitalscouting grew over the last years due to the support of the international insurance and insurtech community. Now we want to give back. We talk to senior decision makers and renown experts around the word asking for their in depth analysis and concrete use cases, how leaders, managers and professionals in insurance and finance could act.

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Next Live Broadcast: Alex Horvitz, CEO of HCS Capital Miami

Where to watch?

Only in the moment we go live, a specific link is generated. In order to watch the show, please go to Linkedin or Twitter and visit our profile. If you refresh the site at the time of the show, you should see the broadcast. We work on a more convenient solution.

If you register, we are happy to send you the link right to your inbox or to your whatsapp number.

This Week:

  • Monday, 4pm CET: Brian Wallace, Founder of NowSourcing

  • Tuesday, 12pm CET: Dr. Frank Grund, Executive Director Insurance Supervision of Bafin

  • Thursday, 4pm CET: Alex Horvitz, CEO of HCS Capital Miami

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