Saturday, March 28, 2020

Industry 4.0 gets replaced by Industry X.0 where X stands for Experience – NASSCOM Community |The Official Community of Indian IT Industry

Image Courtesy: Yashika Begwani

Collaboration can create magic.

In one such session by Marc Carrel Billiard, Head, Research and Development at Accenture the magic of co-creating was explored. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Marc is a self-taught passionate magician himself performing magic tricks when he’s not dealing with technology. While his tricks involve playing with the minds of individuals, Marc focused on how individuals can blend with technology to create magic within organizations eventually leading to enhanced user experience.

How can enterprises survive the tech-clash between business and technology models? How can organizations and leaders thrive in the ‘techade’?

  1. The I in experience – Greater ownership leads to better experiences. The I in experience will entrust the individuals or users with the responsibility of owning their adventure. Imagine a Netflix episode stirs up audiences while they get to “choose their adventure” and mould the content the way they would like to see it. If this is the present then the future sure looks interesting!
  2. AI and Me – Having virtual experiences is great. That said, a world that reimagines the business through AI and human collaboration will only enhance this experience.


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