Saturday, March 28, 2020

These custom masks may not beat Face ID, but they could do some good

Image: danielle baskin / resting risk face

By Adam Rosenberg2020-02-16 23:43:34 UTC

It might have started as a novelty idea, but a Twitter pitch for “Face ID compatible respirator masks” went to some unexpectedly cool places.

It started on Saturday when Danielle Baskin — “a product designer, situation designer, visual artist, and the CEO of,” according to her website — floated the idea of printing faces onto respirator masks. You know, like the kind you’d use to ward off illness, prevent people nearby from catching whatever you’ve got, or protect from air pollution.

(The “N95” designation is a filtration rating; you can learn more about those right here. You’d typically see these masks in hospitals, though they’re available to the general public as well. If you live in a big city, you might have spotted a health-conscious person wearing one every now and again.)

Baskin’s viral tweet links to what appears to be a half-serious website that claims these masks can “work with facial recognition software.” That’s not proven, though; Baskin even admitted on Twitter that she’s testing the facial recognition claim.


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