Interviews with entrepreneurs, thought leaders and influencers interviewed Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade Inc: "It isn’t enough to change the design" Daniel talks about his secret sauce of success, Lemonades plans for the future and how incumbents are reacting to one of the hottest insurtech startup. interviewed Susanne Chishti: "Finance needs innovation." interviewed Matteo Carbone, one if not the most known insurance and insurtech experts on the planet. Matteo underlined among other topics: "To sell insurance is not like to sell smartphones." interviewed Paolo Sironi, Best-Selling Fintech Author and IBM Industry Academy Member:  Paolo underlined in his interview : “Innovation is not an App you can download from the Apple store” interviewed Tim Hughes, Best-Selling Author and Expert on Social Selling. Tim says:  “People often treat social selling like going to the gym.” interviewed Antonio Grasso, Digital Transformation Addict, Influencer and Founder. Antonio underlined: "Only technology is not sufficient" interviewed Tobias Meier: If you want to leave your corporate job and become a successful entrepreneur on Amazon, he is the guy to talk to. His secret sauce: "The main success factor is persistence." interviewed Chris Cheatham, CEO of RiskGenius: "We need to tear down information silos." Chris also talks about his secret sauce of success - as a CEO and Influencer and reveals what he means when saying: "Life is too short to be boring." interviewed Dorota Zimnoch. Dorota is ranked one of the Top50 Fintech and Insurtech Influencers. She talks about how witnessing the collaps of communism prepared her for the digital transformation and what the financial industry needs to do - if it want's to survive. interviewed Frank Genheimer: "I dont like insurance - I love it," Frank, Life Insurance Actuary with over a decade of experience in the insurance industry. Renown expert of the business, influencer and MD of New Insurance Business on the state of the industry.

Interview on with Pierre Pinna, CEO of IPFCONLINE: Pierre is also better known as @ipfconline1 on Twitter. Pierre can be counted to the top influential people on the web on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Marketing providing the community with high quality content and insights. Besides that he manages as CEO IPFCOnline a web agency focusing on helping traditional companies in the digital transformation. We talket to him about AI, Big Data and how to react.

Interview on with: Robbie Bouschery. He is the Managing Director of, an event startup that organizes some of Europe’s best known and fun tech conferences. See what he has to say about innovation, insurtech and insurance.

"Keep the venture as operationally independent from corporate HQ as possible" Interview with Karsten Wysk, Founder and Director at BCG Digital Ventures

Karsten builds companies at BCG Digital Ventures after a life as successful founder - including exciting exits. In his interview with Digitalscouting Karsten shares his Do's and Don'ts of corporate venture building. For more see the full article.

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