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The biggest hurdle is not necessarily a process or product. It’s the mindset"

-Tim Kunde, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Friendsurance


Digital insurance projections, how it is connected to bancassurance and great potential opportunities for BigData and AI to automate the process.

Opinions shared by Tim Kunde, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Friendsurance.

Have a glimpse about Friendsurance and on how they are adapting to the new technologies of InsurTech.


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"I’d recommend large traditional companies think heavily about how they can be disintermediated, because that’s what blockchain technology can do" -Gautam Ivatury


Gautam Ivatury, Co-Founder and CEO of LendLedger gave his opinions about micro-lending using blockchain.

How LendLeger is solving the credibility and credit history issues of the borrowers.



"BaFin neither protects incumbents nor fosters or unnecessarily hinders the use of new technologies." Dr. Frank Grund, Chief insurance supervisor of Germany


Dr. Frank Grund - as highest ranking executive director of the insurance supervision authority in Germany - underlines that he defines his role not in saving incumbents, but in protecting the customer. He also shares his perspective on the tech giants like Amazon and Uber entering the industry. Despite the fact that Dr. Grund sees the change that delivers value to the customer positively - he underlined that he and his authority will not accept any black-box algorithms.


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“It’s not the year of Cloud, it’s the decade – Cloud is the foundation of AI, BIgData, IOT and many more emerging technologies”.  -Ian Moyse


Ian Moyse of Cloud Telephony Provider, Natterbox, shared his expert thoughts about the #Cloud Technology and how it supported other technologies such as #AI, #BigData, and #IOT.


He also noted that the #Insurance and #Finance industries should leave "the historical emotions and political barriers" to give the Cloud technology the opportunity to showcase its advantages for the businesses. What readers learned?

"Lazy is dead in the fast-changing future" -Warren Whitlock


Warren Whitlock shared his strong reality insights and suggestions about the current state of #cryptocurrency.


He encourages us to catch up with fast facing future for #blockchain, #AI, #nanotech, and demographics of global markets.


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"Growth and innovation.   Growth and innovation.   Growth and innovation."  -Denise Garth


Denise Garth shares her expert views on how to leverage from Insurance Model 1.0, significant Digital Insurance 2.0 to the future of Digital Insurance 3.0


See the rest of the interview to learn her opinions, cases and expert advice on how to evolve from the traditional insurance business model to more updated and be ready for the future of insurtech.

"Our intimate use of technology makes us more vulnerable to its misuse."

-Eric Vanderburg, Cybersecurity Expert

We are proud to present an interview with Eric Vanderburg, Expert in Cybersecurity, Consultant, Author, and Investigator.

We really admired how he made us realize not just the power and importance of online security, but also the effect if we will not recognize our vulnerability to these continuously emerging cyber technologies.

Know what is cyber insurance, the benefits, the effects on the traditional companies and how they accommodate the changes demanded by advancing business environment.

"In the future, more complex jobs will be done by AI so we need to prepare ourselves for an AI-driven future." interviewed Mark van Rijmenam, Founder of Datafloq, an expert in AI, Blockchain and Big Data shared the latest trends, visions, and projections for these technologies.

Even though they are now widely used and yet still young, he reminded us about the estimated effects and how the governments should carry the duties to inform the society.

One of the reasons why is cultivating these expert insights, to spread information, not just the latest technological trends but also the associated effects. interviewed Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade Inc: "It isn’t enough to change the design" Daniel talks about his secret sauce of success, Lemonades plans for the future and how incumbents are reacting to one of the hottest insurtech startup. interviewed Susanne Chishti: "Finance needs innovation." interviewed Matteo Carbone, one if not the most known insurance and insurtech experts on the planet. Matteo underlined among other topics: "To sell insurance is not like to sell smartphones." interviewed Paolo Sironi, Best-Selling Fintech Author and IBM Industry Academy Member:  Paolo underlined in his interview : “Innovation is not an App you can download from the Apple store” interviewed Tim Hughes, Best-Selling Author and Expert on Social Selling. Tim says:  “People often treat social selling like going to the gym.” interviewed Antonio Grasso, Digital Transformation Addict, Influencer and Founder. Antonio underlined: "Only technology is not sufficient" interviewed Tobias Meier: If you want to leave your corporate job and become a successful entrepreneur on Amazon, he is the guy to talk to. His secret sauce: "The main success factor is persistence." interviewed Chris Cheatham, CEO of RiskGenius: "We need to tear down information silos." Chris also talks about his secret sauce of success - as a CEO and Influencer and reveals what he means when saying: "Life is too short to be boring." interviewed Dorota Zimnoch. Dorota is ranked one of the Top50 Fintech and Insurtech Influencers. She talks about how witnessing the collaps of communism prepared her for the digital transformation and what the financial industry needs to do - if it want's to survive. interviewed Frank Genheimer: "I dont like insurance - I love it," Frank, Life Insurance Actuary with over a decade of experience in the insurance industry. Renown expert of the business, influencer and MD of New Insurance Business on the state of the industry.

Interview on with Pierre Pinna, CEO of IPFCONLINE: Pierre is also better known as @ipfconline1 on Twitter. Pierre can be counted to the top influential people on the web on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Marketing providing the community with high quality content and insights. Besides that he manages as CEO IPFCOnline a web agency focusing on helping traditional companies in the digital transformation. We talket to him about AI, Big Data and how to react.

Interview on with: Robbie Bouschery. He is the Managing Director of, an event startup that organizes some of Europe’s best known and fun tech conferences. See what he has to say about innovation, insurtech and insurance.

"Keep the venture as operationally independent from corporate HQ as possible" Interview with Karsten Wysk, Founder and Director at BCG Digital Ventures

Karsten builds companies at BCG Digital Ventures after a life as successful founder - including exciting exits. In his interview with Digitalscouting Karsten shares his Do's and Don'ts of corporate venture building. For more see the full article.

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