Monday, December 6, 2021

Digitalscouting is a Media Partner of Finnovex West Africa

In anticipation of what the future would hold beyond the 2020s, Finnovex West Africa would leverage focused panel discussions, keynote presentations and roundtable discussions, to deliver a thorough, distinct outline of what the future holds for the Banking and Financial sector in the West Africa.

Finnovex will focus on – Future of Financial Inclusion Digitisation in Post COVID-19 era; Unlocking the potential of Inclusive banking for customer centricity; New business models: how can banks navigate their changing role in the market?; Creating a Cashless Economy through innovation and technology; Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Trends and Challenges in the Digital Only Model; Role of AI, ML and Robotics in Financial Services; Microfinance – The all-inclusive model; Future of Islamic Banking and Islamic Microfinance and Strategies to implement and leverage AI for integration of services.

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