Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Digitalscouting is a Media Partner of The Magic of Innovation 2022

The Magic of Innovation is back with Insurance Innovation Day. Get inspiration from the best and latest insurance trends and solutions from around the world.

Join MOI2022 on September 28-29, 2022, at Palais Eschenbach, 1010 Vienna Eschenbachgasse 11.

The Magic of Innovation 2022 was developed for forward-thinking managers who are eager to experience the new world and are receptive to learning about new solutions.

Speakers include:

➡️ Danilo Raponi, Generali Italy for “Building an Insurer Fit For the Digital Age”

➡️ Florian Gmach, Capgemini Invent for “Metaverse – Potential Opportunities for Insurers”

➡️ Nigel Walsh, Google USA for “How to Build a Cloud World?”

Mag. Theresa Frank and Dr. Robin Kiera will also be conducting a Side Workshop on “Don’t miss out again – Marketing from Linkedin to Tiktok”.

Tickets are limited. Reserve your tickets.

Livestream also available.

Be a part of it! Register today.

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