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Financial Futurist Brett King Predicts Banking Becomes Embedded 'Experiences' (Thu, 21 Mar 2019) - As one of the financial industry’s biggest and most outspoken influencers, Brett King is well known for provocative predictions and prognostications. In the final installment of his multi-book series… Tweeted by @AzurFlorian
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Vulnerabilities in Smart Alarms Can Let Hackers Hijack Cars (Thu, 21 Mar 2019) - Vulnerabilities in third-party car alarms managed via their mobile applications were uncovered by security researchers at Pen Test Partners. The security flaws reportedly affect around 3 million cars… Tweeted by @andi_staub
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Keras tutorial: Practical guide from getting started to developing complex deep neural network - (Thu, 21 Mar 2019) - 4.1) Solve a linear regression problem with example Light-weight and quick: Keras is designed to remove boilerplate code. Few lines of keras code will achieve so much more than native Tensorflow code… Tweeted by @AzurFlorian
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I am so humbled. Thanks DesignMantic and all those who support Digitalscouting.

I had the pleasure to participate at the DENIM RIVET Podcast. We had a nice chat about insurance, innovation and disruption. 

"WeChat - How to thrill millions through digital products"

An article in the Versicherungsbote in which we shared how WeChat dominates the homescreens of 1 billion users.


Why is WeChat technology leader? Read more here.

The Financial Brand was so kind to publish my analysis of the Chinese Killer App WeChat. One Billion Active Monthly Users is more than impressive. But why are so many people inside and outside China using it? What kind of effect could WeChat have on the Banking and Insurance industry? See here.