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Tencent chases Alibaba for cloud computing supremacy (Mon, 22 Jul 2019) - HONG KONG -- When Jack Ma and Pony Ma shared a stage at the 2010 IT Leaders Summit in Shenzhen, the two hugely influential Chinese technology tycoons were asked what they thought of the still-nascent… Tweeted by @stratorob
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Google and Our Collective AI Future (Sat, 20 Jul 2019) - The pace of change in the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning arena is already breathtaking, and it promises to continue to upend conventional wisdom and surpass some of our wildest exp… Tweeted by @SpirosMargaris
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“Move fast and break things” won’t make self-driving cars safe (Sat, 20 Jul 2019) - There’s an old parable of a person leaving the pub late at night and searching in vain for his keys under a streetlamp. A bystander asks where he might have left them. “I dropped them over there,” he… Tweeted by @globaliqx
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I am so humbled. Thanks DesignMantic and all those who support Digitalscouting.

I had the pleasure to participate at the DENIM RIVET Podcast. We had a nice chat about insurance, innovation and disruption. 

"WeChat - How to thrill millions through digital products"

An article in the Versicherungsbote in which we shared how WeChat dominates the homescreens of 1 billion users.


Why is WeChat technology leader? Read more here.

The Financial Brand was so kind to publish my analysis of the Chinese Killer App WeChat. One Billion Active Monthly Users is more than impressive. But why are so many people inside and outside China using it? What kind of effect could WeChat have on the Banking and Insurance industry? See here.