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A Chinese official explained how the country’s electric-car surveillance works (Tue, 12 Nov 2019) - China’s electric vehicles have been sharing information with the government for at least a decade, according to an official who heads a national center to monitor them, and in certain situations, it’… Tweeted by @H20Connected
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Google confirms plans for a search tool that can analyze millions of health records (Tue, 12 Nov 2019) - It’s a known fact that Google, along with other major tech players like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, are increasingly trying to grab a slice of the $3 trillion dollar healthcare industry. Now, the se… Tweeted by @tloilier
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NHTSA, Investigating Tesla Fire Reports, Demands Data on Battery Software Changes (Tue, 12 Nov 2019) - NHTSA would like a word with Tesla. Actually, more like tens of thousands of words, according to its eight-page demand letter. The letter, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHT… Tweeted by @H20Connected
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I am so humbled. Thanks DesignMantic and all those who support Digitalscouting.

I had the pleasure to participate at the DENIM RIVET Podcast. We had a nice chat about insurance, innovation and disruption. 

"WeChat - How to thrill millions through digital products"

An article in the Versicherungsbote in which we shared how WeChat dominates the homescreens of 1 billion users.


Why is WeChat technology leader? Read more here.

The Financial Brand was so kind to publish my analysis of the Chinese Killer App WeChat. One Billion Active Monthly Users is more than impressive. But why are so many people inside and outside China using it? What kind of effect could WeChat have on the Banking and Insurance industry? See here.