Friday, December 9, 2022
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OCC Assekuradeur GmbH “The Insurance Industry’s Most Successful TikTok Channel”

Graphic work for digital products, video production, and the organization of digital events, as well as content for social media and the OCC online magazine. Dr. Robin Kiera managing director of Digitalscouting, a Hamburg digital agency, advises OCC on these activities for social development.

As a result, OCC has the largest insurance account in the DACH region on TikTok with 100,000 followers, 45 million views.

OCC’s TikTok presence is a continuation of its successful digital strategy. This path includes, in addition to the restructuring of internal processes, the digitization of marketing communication.

Nina Schmal, Managing Director of OCC, is in charge of sales and marketing. ” For us, TikTok is not a performance channel in the traditional sense, but rather an investment in our future reach and channel diversification, allowing us to reach our customers of tomorrow today.”

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