30. November 2018
Did you know the difference between Digital Transformation and Digital Innovation? How about the balance of US Investors, EU Insurers and Start-up companies that comprise and suiting EU markets today? Learn the awesome inputs, tips and more about InsurTech Digitization from one of the renowned InsurTech Rockstars - and one of our great friends, Sabine VanderLinden.

29. September 2018
Digital insurance projections, how it is connected to bancassurance and great potential opportunities for BigData and AI to automate the process. Opinions shared by Tim Kunde, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Friendsurance. Have a glimpse about Friendsurance and on how they are adapting to the new technologies of InsurTech.

23. September 2018
Gautam Ivatury, Co-Founder and CEO of LendLeger gave his opinions about micro-lending using blockchain. How LendLeger is solving the credibility and credit history issues of the borrowers.

18. September 2018
Dr. Frank Grund - as highest ranking executive director of the insurance supervision authority in Germany - underlines that he defines his role not in saving incumbents, but inprotecting the customer. He also shares his perspective on the tech giants like Amazon and Uber entering the industry. Despite the fact that Dr. Grund sees change that delivers value to the customer positively - he underlined that he and his authority will not accept any black-box algorithms.

11. September 2018
Ian Moyse of Cloud Telephony Provider, Natterbox, shared his expert thoughts about the Cloud Technology and how it supported other technologies such as AI. He also noted that the Insurance and Finance industries should leave "the historical emotions and political barriers" to give the Cloud technology the opportunity to showcase its advantages for the businesses.

19. August 2018
Warren Whitlock shared his insights and suggestions about the current state of #cryptocurrency. He encourages us to catch up with fast facing future for #blockchain, #AI, #nanotech, and demographics of global markets.

06. August 2018
Two conferences for two hot topics in insurtech: AI and Connected Claims Management. As Digitalscouting reader you are able to get discounted tickets for the 5th Annual Insurance AI and Analytics Europe and 3rd Annual Connected Claims Europe organized by Insurance Nexus.

30. July 2018
Denise Garth shares her expert views on how to leverage from Insurance Model 1.0, significant Digital Insurance 2.0 to the future of Digital Insurance 3.0 See the rest of the interview to learn her opinions, cases and expert advice on how to evolve from the traditional insurance business model to more updated and be ready for the future of insurtech.

26. July 2018
Be with us and the rest of the world of insurance industry for The Insuretech Connect 2018 on October 2 to 3, 2018 at the great MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV, USA. Opportunities would definitely stay only in Vegas if your miss this gigantic event.

19. July 2018
We are proud to present an interview with Eric Vanderburg, Expert in Cybersecurity, Consultant, Author, and Investigator. We really admired how he made us realize not just the power and importance of online security, but also the effect if we will not recognize our vulnerability to these continuously emerging cyber technologies. Know what is cyber insurance, the benefits, the effects on the traditional companies and how they accommodate the changes demanded by advancing business environment.

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