15. February 2019
Insurance companies, can they really help and become part of the daily lives of customers? Let's learn more about how insurers can help us in our daily errands.

07. February 2019
Erika underlined in this interview, innovations in the insurance industry are a very important fact for the possibility to learn and connect from each other.

05. February 2019
Dr. Robin Kiera shares his 3 Social Media Strategies for #Insurer and #Insurtech great for start-ups and traditional insurance companies.

28. January 2019
Is Insurtech a nightmare like many says, or a cute toy like others say. What are the possible effects of insurtech?

27. January 2019
Tripp Braden a world-renowned financial advisor share his expert financial advises insights and predictions for incumbents also for start-up entrepreneurs in banking, insurance, and finance.

18. January 2019
I was fortunate to represent Digitalscouting.de and handle 1 keynote in front of 600 insurance industry professionals - and I learned 3 things.

14. January 2019
Another woman featured in one of our earliest interviews for January. Great updates and views came from a renowned #insurtech and #fintech influencer Theodora Lau. After her flooded schedules in 2018, we finally caught her for the chance to share her impressions and forecast for the #financial and #insurance industries. Learn #innovation trends and the effects of technological disruption on the traditional businesses.

08. January 2019
After a week of scouting for #startups, #trends, and #technology - I learned 3 things about the #insurtech ecosystem in #Israel.

07. January 2019
Learn how a multi-billion Euro #insurer #Baloise collaborated with a start-up #insurtech #Kasko.

04. January 2019
An interview by Dr. Robin Kiera with Jennifer Byrne the President of Quesnay Inc. about empowering women in the insurance and finance industries.

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