06. August 2018
Two conferences for two hot topics in insurtech: AI and Connected Claims Management. As Digitalscouting reader you are able to get discounted tickets for the 5th Annual Insurance AI and Analytics Europe and 3rd Annual Connected Claims Europe organized by Insurance Nexus.

30. July 2018
Denise Garth shares her expert views on how to leverage from Insurance Model 1.0, significant Digital Insurance 2.0 to the future of Digital Insurance 3.0 See the rest of the interview to learn her opinions, cases and expert advice on how to evolve from the traditional insurance business model to more updated and be ready for the future of insurtech.

26. July 2018
Be with us and the rest of the world of insurance industry for The Insuretech Connect 2018 on October 2 to 3, 2018 at the great MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV, USA. Opportunities would definitely stay only in Vegas if your miss this gigantic event.

19. July 2018
We are proud to present an interview with Eric Vanderburg, Expert in Cybersecurity, Consultant, Author, and Investigator. We really admired how he made us realize not just the power and importance of online security, but also the effect if we will not recognize our vulnerability to these continuously emerging cyber technologies. Know what is cyber insurance, the benefits, the effects on the traditional companies and how they accommodate the changes demanded by advancing business environment.

12. July 2018
Mark van Rijmenam, an expert in AI, Blockchain and Big Data shared the latest trends, visions, and projections for these technologies. Even though they are now widely used and yet still young, he reminded us about the estimated effects and how the governments should carry the duties to inform the society. One of the reasons why Digitalscouting is cultivating these expert insights, to spread information, not just the latest technological trends but also the associated effects.

26. June 2018
When an insurance CEO and insurtech entrepreneur talks about the iPhone as one of the biggest invention of mankind and demands products as easy and simple as the iPhone for it's industry, it becomes interesting. Dr. Knoll, CEO and founder of the Deutsche Familienversicherung is known for his clear and concise statements. Read more on his view on product development and why he can't stand buzzwords, but what he likes instead.

18. June 2018
Lemonade filed law suits against Insurtech WeFox - with three screenshots that - in my opinion - don't show "infringing IP" but public available APIs used by thousands of Apps. So a pretty heavy rumor started to spread why this suits were maybe filed. Independently of possible motives or unintentional damage, this damages not only WeFox but also Lemoande in it's core. So why not moving ahead?

11. June 2018
Dr. Robin Kiera will travel to London this coming 19th to 20th of June 2018 to participate as one of the panel speakers for this epic event. He will battle out tech giants, no just kidding :) He will be sharing his expert notions about tech giants arrival and its influences on the insurance industry.

08. June 2018
Why are we thrilled about this year's upcoming Magic of Innovation conference? An Insurance Innovation Day happening this coming 19th and 20th of September in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

07. June 2018
We are very excited to announce that Dr. Robin Kiera will be the moderator for the upcoming Digisurance18 happening on June 21, 2018.

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