13. August 2019
Results are the main KPIs of the movers and shakers in modern economy. These results are largely determined by the accuracy of business forecasts. To forecast developments and adjust own strategies and actions are vital also in the insurance and finance industry. Therefore we are honored that over 20 decision makers and thought leaders in finance and insurance share their views and forecast for the rest of 2019 and beyond. Thank you all!

08. August 2019
The US insurtech glovebox announces exclusively on Digitalscouting something special. But before going to that, we used the opportunity to ask this group of insurance sales veterans a few questions on the state of the agent and agency system in the US, the relationship between insurtech and fintech and what we all could learn from it. Thanks to Ryan Mathisen, the Co-Founder of GloveBox, for his expert insight on US Insurtechs, current trends, and customer behaviors.

06. August 2019
Even with the tiring old ways of insurance and finance - we must credit them for giving us the wisdom to start with current emerging innovations and digital transformation. Inspired by his personal experience Jamie Hale, Co-Founder and CEO Ladder emerged from the kindness he received from his community, father's old insurance policy, and now, passionately improving Life Insurance to be digitally fast and available.

30. July 2019
We are honored that over 20 movers and shakers from insurers, banks, reinsurers, insurtechs, fintechs and tech companies from Europe, the near and middle East, North and South America took the time to share their perspective on the first 6 months of 2019 and their outlook on possible future developments.

25. July 2019
What is be the future for Reinsurance in the insurance and insurtech industry? Join us in this interview with Thierry Leger CEO of Swiss Re and Carl Christensen CEO of iptiQ EMEA where they answered my curiosities and shared expert insights about the "Future of Reinsurance".

19. July 2019
We have presented a lot of arguments about this matter and it seems that great insights and predictions are endless coming from various globally renowned experts. Some are saying these industries are now separating, departing on their separate ways - but not today. Let us present Xavier Gomez, Co-Founder of Invyo a specialist, actually operating with fintech in providing solutions, innovations enabling digital transformation in the finance industry - and yes, enabling the insurance industry.

18. July 2019
I had the honor to have a 3 hour key-note and discussion with a delegation of senior decision makers from one of the largest insurers in China. We talked about how to use modern tools and tactics to win the heart, mind and home screen of your target group and how to enter the European market (hypothetically).

08. July 2019
Israel, one of the world's oldest but great country, are they catching up with today's innovations and digital transformations? How the insurance and finance being patronized by local consumers - how they're being regulated? We're fascinated by how Karen Geva, Product and Innovation Expert answered our curiosities and relate Israel's prevailing startup scenes to tomatoes - but we are captivated by her insights about their insurance and finance updates.

02. July 2019
Being one an insurtech startup, they're more likely to confront great challenges on building the business and be known to the industry. You may agree that there are 2 basics if you're the CEO and Co-Founder - business and management hurdles but great stories and use cases behind emerges in planning and executions not only to prove the position but to give more innovative industry-wide benefits.

25. June 2019
I travel. A lot. I travel by plane, by car, and by train. In most developed countries it’s possible to work while traveling – except in Germany. While government and NGOs don’t get tired to cite shady studies certifying Germany as “innovation power” the reality on the ground is different.

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