20. February 2018
On Digitalscouting Dr. Moritz Finkelnburg shares his experience leaving the insurance boardrooms and working with start-ups. He also shares his view on the industry, incumbents and their ability to innovate - and why organizes the Global Insurtech Roadshow - inviting 25 start-ups from Asia and Europe to meet and share best practices.

19. February 2018
I am happy to announce that I will be Key-Note-Speaker at the Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, USA - April 25th. I will speak about "Digital Disruption: Threat and Opportunity". I will focus on the fundamental tech-driven changes in customer behavior and the consequences for an industry not famous for the reinventing itself or its thrive for innovation - and trends like AI, Blockchain, Insurtech and Innovation.

15. February 2018
I am proud and happy to publish exclusively an excerpt of Matteo Carbone and Andrea Silvello's new book: "All the Insurance Players Will Be Insurtech: A wave of innovation is finally reshaping the insurance industry" Matteo and Andrea are talking for example about the four P's of insurance: Profitability, Proximity, Persistence and Productivity - and a lot of other topics.

13. February 2018
Matteo Carbone does not need an introduction. He is one of the - if not the - most influencial thought leader in the insurance industry and insurtech ecosystems around the world. In this unplugged and very personal interview Matteo talks about his favorite gadgets, telematics and why he and Andrea Silvello wrote a book together.

12. February 2018
I am honored to be invited as judge at the Insurstar 2017, taking place in Shanghai. I was really impressed by the high quality of the participating start-ups. We had aggregators with a specific target group, artificial intelligence driven assistants. There were B2B and B2C companies, some customer- some product centric. I am curious who will win the awards.

17. January 2018
Many experts including bankers from top-tier investment banks are mocking companies like Kodak for creating public excitement and especially steeply rising share prices by adding “crypto” to their names or by starting their own crypto-currency. And at least for some companies, they get it totally wrong.

10. January 2018
A few weeks ago, I had the honor to participate in a live Twitter panel with role models such as David Brear and Chris Skinner - it was fantastic to participate with them - as well as Ricardo Vidal of Kreditech, Julie Lake of FinTechCity and Devie Mohan. This Twitter panel was formatted as a Q&A session, moderated by industry thought leader and LTP and MEDICI Founder Amit Goel. He was the one who started the conversation.

02. January 2018
Antonio Grasso, Digital Transformation Addict, Influencer and Founder shares his views on the state of digital transformation in his home market Italy. He explains why telematics is so successful there - far more than in most Western markets. He also shares his view on artificial intelligence, blockchain and bitcoin.

31. December 2017
Thank you all for a great 2017 - let's enjoy 2018 as much as possible. Thank you for so much support, inspiration and friendship. With love from Hamburg Robin

26. December 2017
Within a few days my article "Amazon is Coming. Game Over for the Insurance Industry?" published on InsurtechNews in English and in the Versicherungsjournal in German was viewed over 62.000 times. We also saw a controversial debate starting on Linkedin and counter articles in the Versicherungsjournal. I believe this Amazon-Insurtech-Debate underlines the energy and strength of the insurance and insurtech ecosystem. So thank all for their participation.

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