25. June 2019
I travel. A lot. I travel by plane, by car, and by train. In most developed countries it’s possible to work while traveling – except in Germany. While government and NGOs don’t get tired to cite shady studies certifying Germany as “innovation power” the reality on the ground is different.

19. June 2019
Great things happened in this year's Insurtech Insights and these 5 trends I learned got me reminiscing about the nearing potentialities for Insurtech and made me recognize that the past is really reaching out with the future of the insurance industries.

19. June 2019
In order to move forward, learning best practices from around the world and from other industries can be decisive. This time we look at Esports and we are happy that Ultraplay and its CEO, Mario Ovcharov. In his interview Mario underlines how fast growing the esports industry is - as fastest growing industry in the millennial demographic - and what role Blockchain may play. ´

09. June 2019
Digitalscouting Scouting Insurtech Series: We're delighted to have Kapil Mehta the Co-Founder of SecureNow sharing his views, updates, and the promising potential of the Indian Insurtech. In this interview, you will discover how digital innovations are playing a great role in the developments of insurance in India and how they are contributing to the expansion of the market giving even small business an opportunity to acquire a premium insurance products and services.

07. June 2019
Digitalscouting's Scouting Insurtech Series: More about Insurtechs enriching the grounds of Insurance with new technologies like machine learning, AI, data analytics, chatbots and many more - customers service, and experience are not only developing but also companies who are willingly taking the leap of digital innovations for the industry. As said in this interview with Dror Katzav the CEO of Atidot, they're "helping the life insurance industry to be “disrupted” without the disruption..."

03. June 2019
Next on our series “Scouting the Movers and Shakers” we have Roger Peverelli, the Founder of the must see conference - the DIA (Digital Insurance Agenda). As insurance industry insider he shares his views, updates and projections about the digital innovations in the Insurance Industry.

27. May 2019
We noticed some time ago, that the insurance solution provider Tia Technology is expanding its presence beyond it's core markets. That was reason enough for us to ask their CEO Christian Kromann and Marketing Director Maria Liw their experiences, goals and analysis of the current state of the insurance industry.

23. May 2019
More similarities than differences: I was happy that Philippe Lafreniere of Slice and Thomas Heindl of LV1871 took some time off their busy schedule to share their expert insights. You'll be surprised how much they agreed in all topics that we have covered - even in their some secret sauces for success.

06. May 2019
Instead of sharing my 2 cents about social media #marketing and #branding I went out to London to meet the legend Gary Vaynerchuk and hoped for some "Gary Vaynerchuk style social media tips" for the insurance and finance industry.

29. April 2019
What trends would cultivate the new needs and opportunities for Fintech and Insurtech? Alberto Garuccio shared his predictions and key points on what could be vital for the Insurance and Finance industry for the next coming years. Who will inherit these soon to be use cases and the lessons that will be accumulated along the way also, his do's and don'ts for traditional bankers when it comes to Fintech.

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