21. April 2018
Susanne Chishti, one of the most known experts in the fintech, insurtech and wealthtech world, shares her views on the status of the industries, what exactly needs to change, and why she publishes books on a crowdsourced base.

03. April 2018
Deutsch: Hier eine kurzes Making-Off meines Blicks hinter die Kulissen der Deutschen Familienversicherung und des Interviews mit CEO und Founder Dr. Stefan Knoll. English: Here the making-off of my look behind the scenes of the Deutsche Familienversicherung, a small insurer, founded and lead by Dr. Stefan Knoll.

30. March 2018
I have the honor to announce that Digitalscouting became media partner of the Global Blockchain Summit Series - providing exciting conferences in Singapore, San Francisco, Dubai and Frankfurt. Blockchain has the potential to change and improve our world - but the first large use cases have to be developed and technological and conceptual barriers to be overcome. Therefore we support conferences and events that aim at pushing this topic.

18. March 2018
Spotify is heading for their IPO. Time for Digitalscouting to have a closer look at the product - and yes: it looks like a love story, it feels like one - it is one. Besides my personal take on the product I believe that Spotify can play an important role in the music and entertainment business: read about the why in the article.

08. March 2018
The Re-Insurer have been the unknown in the insurtech and insurance standoff. In this interview with Oliver Werneyer and Florian Schubert two customer experts working for SwissRE share their view on the industry and why they will attend the Global Insurtech Roadshow 2018.

08. March 2018
Short or long-term VC. Paul has a strong opinion on this topic. He also shares do's and don'ts for entrepreneur pitching for investments and what his most decisive critera are to invest in fintech and insurtech start-ups or not.

28. February 2018
I don't want to loose too many words. I just want to say thank you to you all. A few days ago I passed 20.000 Follower in Linkedin. Thank you for following, providing me valuable insights and supporting my mission to scout digital and tech trends around the world, support start-ups in their endavours and safe a few incumbents. I am more than happy to be part of such a great community - You rock.

22. February 2018
I am honored to announce that Digitalscouting.de partners with the Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, USA. I am very much looking forward to get to know more about the insurance ecosystem and innovative start-ups between the US East- and Westcoast. For me it will be exciting to learn more about the region as an insurance hub - with over 80 insurance companies in Des Moines and over 200 in the state.

20. February 2018
On Digitalscouting Dr. Moritz Finkelnburg shares his experience leaving the insurance boardrooms and working with start-ups. He also shares his view on the industry, incumbents and their ability to innovate - and why organizes the Global Insurtech Roadshow - inviting 25 start-ups from Asia and Europe to meet and share best practices.

19. February 2018
I am happy to announce that I will be Key-Note-Speaker at the Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, USA - April 25th. I will speak about "Digital Disruption: Threat and Opportunity". I will focus on the fundamental tech-driven changes in customer behavior and the consequences for an industry not famous for the reinventing itself or its thrive for innovation - and trends like AI, Blockchain, Insurtech and Innovation.

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