18. June 2018
Lemonade filed law suits against Insurtech WeFox - with three screenshots that - in my opinion - don't show "infringing IP" but public available APIs used by thousands of Apps. So a pretty heavy rumor started to spread why this suits were maybe filed. Independently of possible motives or unintentional damage, this damages not only WeFox but also Lemoande in it's core. So why not moving ahead?

11. June 2018
Dr. Robin Kiera will travel to London this coming 19th to 20th of June 2018 to participate as one of the panel speakers for this epic event. He will battle out tech giants, no just kidding :) He will be sharing his expert notions about tech giants arrival and its influences on the insurance industry.

08. June 2018
Why are we thrilled about this year's upcoming Magic of Innovation conference? An Insurance Innovation Day happening this coming 19th and 20th of September in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

07. June 2018
We are very excited to announce that Dr. Robin Kiera will be the moderator for the upcoming Digisurance18 happening on June 21, 2018.

06. June 2018
Dr. Robin Kiera was interviewed by Hayut Yogev of Reach or Miss previously guested by Guy Kawasaki, Gordon Tredgold, Dan Knowlton, Aman Advani, Madalyn Sklar, Carla Johnson, Ian Anderson Gray, Corey Poirier, Elizabeth Scherle, Douglas Burdett, Jeff Bullas, Erik Huberman, Jeremiah Gardner.

17. May 2018
They give away their products for free and still make billions - the online gaming industry. Patrick Rose one of their thought leaders shares in his deep diving article three secrets of success that professionals of all industries could apply.

08. May 2018
The Deutsche Familienversicherung, a midsize German insurer, invited Digitalscouting to their insurtech showcase. The did not show a new green field division or nice-to-have-feature, but a fully digitalized insurance core with realtime and neartime processes and services for the customer. At the event you could find a wide range of industry experts, journalists and influencers. The Deutsche Familienversicherung surely did their homework - concerning the event and their digital transformation.

21. April 2018
Susanne Chishti, one of the most known experts in the fintech, insurtech and wealthtech world, shares her views on the status of the industries, what exactly needs to change, and why she publishes books on a crowdsourced base.

03. April 2018
Deutsch: Hier eine kurzes Making-Off meines Blicks hinter die Kulissen der Deutschen Familienversicherung und des Interviews mit CEO und Founder Dr. Stefan Knoll. English: Here the making-off of my look behind the scenes of the Deutsche Familienversicherung, a small insurer, founded and lead by Dr. Stefan Knoll.

30. March 2018
I have the honor to announce that Digitalscouting became media partner of the Global Blockchain Summit Series - providing exciting conferences in Singapore, San Francisco, Dubai and Frankfurt. Blockchain has the potential to change and improve our world - but the first large use cases have to be developed and technological and conceptual barriers to be overcome. Therefore we support conferences and events that aim at pushing this topic.

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