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17. January 2020
#Insurance Agents and Brokers - are they going to be dead soon? We asked movers and shakers of the German insurance industry.

10. January 2020
Insurer and insurtech from around the world gathered in Hong Kong at insurtech insights discussing the newest trends in the region and beyond.

08. October 2019
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, “Las Vegas?” Well, the city is synonymous with party and gambling and fun. But today, I came to this beautiful and exciting city of Las Vegas for an entirely different reason – to join thousands of other insurance professionals from across the globe at the MGM Grand Conference Center.

14. September 2019
Not only insurance carriers, sales agents and retail banks are affected by digital transformation, but also the private banking and wealth management industry.

03. September 2019
It is no secret anymore that Kobi Bendelak, CEO of Insurtech Israel is bagging a large number of interesting insurtech startups from Israel to attend this year's 4th Annual InsureTech Connect Conference happening in Las, Vegas on September 23 to 25, 2019. Digitalscouting is a proud partner of this year's ITC2019 and we're excited to see everyone in the city of Las We took the opportunity to ask Kobi: Who are these startups? Why you should be interested in them? What are their plans?

26. August 2019
I am honored that over 20 movers and shakers of the international insurance and finance industry shared their concrete tipps, how to use the expansion of the internet as an opportunity for the insurance and finance industry.

23. August 2019
"My perspective is that it is important to look at both – the ones that succeeded, and the ones that failed" as well said by Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst, KuppingerCole Analysts. Learn from his insights on how you can update your business with digital transformation and preserve the interest of your loyal customers.

22. August 2019
When being an insurance sales agent, I learned it the hard way: "Attention is the Key to Sales". With no attention, you can't really sell anything even if you have the GREATEST product in the world.

20. August 2019
‘Insurance that is understood by 15-year-olds’. All our policy summaries and claim processes are actually tested by 15-year-old kids for simplicity, a novel way to make sure that when they say they have simplified, they really mean it.

13. August 2019
Results are the main KPIs of the movers and shakers in modern economy. These results are largely determined by the accuracy of business forecasts. To forecast developments and adjust own strategies and actions are vital also in the insurance and finance industry. Therefore we are honored that over 20 decision makers and thought leaders in finance and insurance share their views and forecast for the rest of 2019 and beyond. Thank you all!

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