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18. March 2019
Christian Wiens - Co-Founder & CEO at Getsafe Insurance shared inspiring short tales how they started from coincidence, successfully emerged outside the traditional tech hubs and how they are attracting not just to the traditional insurers but also the new generations of insurance buyers with the use of technologies advancing their digital products and services.

12. March 2019
Digitalscouting interview with Dr. Dean Anthony Gratton about Digitalisation and the unavoidable industry effects.

11. March 2019
PSD2 and Open Banking are really buzzing nowadays challenging the traditional banks - so we are happy to share some strategies on how these directives can be an opportunity to improved and grow the banking business.

04. March 2019
Helene Li, a leading voice in Sustainable Finance, Fintech, and Digital Transformation, disclose where is the level playing field for Startups and Incumbents.

25. February 2019
"It’s a matter of survival and not for the faint-hearted" Rick Huckstep shared his views about the effects of Digital Transformation in the Insurance industry.

22. February 2019
So here are the 3 things I learned that can be viewed as marketing tips for Insurance and Insurtech StartUps.

15. February 2019
Insurance companies, can they really help and become part of the daily lives of customers? Let's learn more about how insurers can help us in our daily errands.

07. February 2019
Erika underlined in this interview, innovations in the insurance industry are a very important fact for the possibility to learn and connect from each other.

05. February 2019
Dr. Robin Kiera shares his 3 Social Media Strategies for #Insurer and #Insurtech great for start-ups and traditional insurance companies.

09. October 2017
"It isn’t enough to change the design" Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade Inc, talks about his secret sauce of success, Lemonades plans for the future and how incumbents are reacting to one of the hottest insurtech startup.

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