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18. March 2019
Christian Wiens - Co-Founder & CEO at Getsafe Insurance shared inspiring short tales how they started from coincidence, successfully emerged outside the traditional tech hubs and how they are attracting not just to the traditional insurers but also the new generations of insurance buyers with the use of technologies advancing their digital products and services.

12. March 2019
Digitalscouting interview with Dr. Dean Anthony Gratton about Digitalisation and the unavoidable industry effects.

30. August 2017
Once in a while you can see these little autonomous driving machines through Hamburg. The post of this little fella triggered on LinkedIn alone 23.000 views and on Twitter in total 37.000 in 24 hours. So this project really seems to rise interest.

21. August 2017
I am honored to speak at Hamburg.AI on September 13th on "Business meets AI" at the Mindspace in Hamburg.