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16. September 2017
Dorota Zimnoch is ranked one of the Top50 Fintech and Insurtech Influencers. She talks about how witnessing the collaps of communism prepared her for the digital transformation and what the financial industry needs to do - if it want's to survive.

04. September 2017
Interview with Robbie Bouschery. He is the Managing Director of, an event startup that organizes some of Europe’s best known and fun tech conferences. See what he has to say about innovation, insurtech and insurance.

28. August 2017
Pierre Pinna, CEO of IPFCONLINE is also better known as @ipfconline1 on Twitter. Pierre can be counted to the top influential people on the web on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Marketing providing the community with high quality content and insights. Besides that he manages as CEO IPFCOnline a web agency focusing on helping traditional companies in the digital transformation. We talked to him about AI, Big Data and how to react.