Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Attention Hacking: Survival Guide in the Social Media Jungle

In this book we share very specific tools and tactics and explain step by step how we can reach between 10 and 20 million people per month through our social media channels.

Dr. Robin Kiera is referred to as: "the well-known Insurtech influencer" NTV "one of the most famous voices in the international insurance industry" Onalytica CEO "one of the hottest consulting firms in Europe" ICT Europe, which reaches up to 20 million people a month via its social media channels. Some also say that he is the rebel of the insurance industry who is not afraid to address the industry's taboos - sometimes in a somewhat undiplomatic manner. Why can he do that? He comes from the heart of the industry: After starting out as an insurance salesman, Dr. Kiera, responsibility in the insurance and finance industries. His blog "" quickly gained millions of monthly readers. Today the company advises distributors and companies around the world.

Dr. Robin Kiera

Author - Founder and CEO of Digitalscouting

This Book teaches you

  • Learn your customer behaviours
  • Stand out on where the attention customer is.
  • Hack the attention of your customers.
  • Radical social media marketing strategies.
  • Influencer marketing tactics.
  • Low marketing cost but high sales returns

WHY DO PEOPLE STAND IN LINE FOR NIGHTLY IN FRONT OF APPLE STORES - BUT NOT WITH US? At Apple, customers come of their own accord. Apple managed to grab the attention of many people. They created a pull around the sale of their products. There is no need for a sales campaign - no push into the market, as is the case with many other industries. There are tools and strategies that can change this. In this book, we show how to do it using the insurance industry. Apple creates a pull: How different from the insurance industry Isn't it grotesque that people are queuing up for cell phones and products that enable wealth creation and guarantee health and protection for the family have to be pushed into the market?

Dr. Robin Kiera