Monday, February 6, 2023
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Providing insights and inspiration in person or virtually

As global top ranked influencer and thought leader, Dr. Robin Kiera has been speaking on the biggest stages in finance, insurance and beyond around the world.

As “Rebel of the industry” Robin combines indepths industry knowledge, sharp analysis and thought provoking arguments with a little bit of fun.

His keynote talks regularly are rated the best talk of the conference.

Selection of conferences and events Robin spoke at

A voice on stage and on social media

Robin delivers inspiring, motivating and thought provoking key note talks.

In addition Robin and his team push events and conferences online.

They support conferences and events by sharing his appearance on social media, creating animations, high quality videos and conducting live streams to his community of over 70.000 professionals around the world.

Virtual Key-Notes

Robin travels around the world, talking on the relevant industry stages. Due to the current situation Robin provides also virtual key-notes - at your online event or for your employees.

Robin provides up to date trends, research and inspiration to thousands of employees in the home office.

Discover how Robin can support your event