Top 100 Influencer

What is an "Influencer"?

Influencer are people that are seen by others having impact. This can be a face to face network or an online community. Recently algorithms and tools (KredMoz etc.) have been developed helping to identify people in the internet whose content gets noticed by a significant community. These big-data-analysis makes it possible to rank influencers in lists.


What is the value of influencer lists?

A lot has been written about measuring influence in an industry by data-analysis and algorithms. Even though data driven measurement of online influence can be inaccurate, I believe they help. Funnily enough I made the experience that influencers I found on lists, shared the content that I enjoyed and valued most. These influencers moved me with their key notes at conferences and with their books, articles and blogs. So I would like you to provide you with my list of industry influencers as a One-Stop-Shop if you are looking for topnotch up-to-date focused information on what's going on in your industry.



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