Top 100 Digital Banks



After the success of the top 100 insurance companies we were asked to also set up an overview of digital banks. We received candidates from all around the world. 


The Kred Algorithm analyzes the Social Media Presence in a transparent manner and ranks the companies. Does this result include all indicators for the digital state of a bank. For sure not. But if a financial institution claims to be innovative and trying to use the opportunities of digital transformation but does not do a good job on social media, we think this might be a contradicion. On the other hand there are so many smaller or not widely known banks that try hard and do a good job that should be more praised for that. Besides this, the list should give you an overview of interesting banks to follow and to be inspired by.


Best Robin


PS: In case I missed your insurance company, feel free to contact me. I am happy to include it into the next rating. 

Top 100 Digital Banks - February 2019

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