Monday, July 6, 2020

Insurance, Insurer and Insurtech: Disruption called off

It is normal to see some companies come and others go but I have to underline that the insurance ecosystem is still staying strong and the emerging trends from disruptions are now becoming enablement.

With increasing funding rounds (despite all challenges), some insurtech startups are forging alliances with insurance incumbents yielding their business models from B2C to B2B or even B2B2C – the game changer now is their expertise on how they can support the traditional companies on their innovations and digital transitions.

As I have mention traditional brokers need to flex their muscles with these kinds of collaborations that we’re having for them to stay in the business – consolidation is expected to be more obvious in the coming years.

But, never ever expect that all startups are kind enough to help – I am also seeing bold full-stack insurtech startups can still be the uber of the insurance industry – traditional players should keep an eye for this to avoid another level of disruptions.

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