Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Mission of Digitalscouting

“Innovation is just a synonym to survival.” – Dr. Robin Kiera, Keynote Speech, Keylane

For those who are wondering who we are and what we do? This is our mission.

Digitalscouting started as a small blog with a mission to bring the industry forward through innovation. From scouting small ecosystems a few years back, we are now scouting the world for new trends to fulfil our mission and provide a platform that will keep the industry moving up.

We believe that attention hacking is the key to make your customers come to you. As a consulting firm and marketing agency, we help professionals, decision-makers, and experts from different industries, especially insurance and finance, to be one step ahead in efficiency and effectiveness.

At the peak of a world crisis, Digitalscouting is the first platform that interviews movers and shakers of the insurance and finance industry to connect them with entrepreneurs, executives, and other professionals that wants to learn the latest trend, innovative techniques, and best practices. We are in an unprecedented time of change that calls for innovation. So that’s what we did.

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10 Fragen an Dr. Robin Kiera – Gründer von Digitalscouting by



Robin gehört zu den weltweit bekanntesten Experten der Versicherungsindustrie und verzeichnet auf seinem Blog und Social Media Kanälen monatlich über 16 Million Views. Aus seiner Begeisterung entstand schließlich eine der gefragtesten Consulting- und Marketing-Agenturen im Finanz- und Versicherungsbereich.

Er teilt zudem mit mir die “Leiden”schaft für den gleichen Fußballverein und ist das Modell für den ersten Sneaker der Versicherungsbranche. Welcher Verein das ist und wie alles begann, erfahrt Ihr im nachfolgenden Interview.





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