Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Power of AI in Customer Engagement in Insurance and Insurtech

The Power of AI in Customer Engagement in Insurance and Insurtech| Panel at 2020 Finovate Europe

I met with Petri Vuorinen, the Chief Digital Officer of LähiTapiola Mutual, Nikolaus Sühr, CEO & founder of Kasko Ltd, and Xavier Gomez, Chief Operating Officer and founder of INVYO, at the 2020 Finovate Europe tech conference.

I was interested in the answers to the following questions:
• How to structure Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in a company?
• How to use AI to build a powerful team that can lead the brand into the future?
• What companies can do in today’s global environment to improve and grow customer engagement in insurance?

All three are leaders in the field of AI and customer engagement. For example, Kasko assists insurance companies to take digital products to market within 6 weeks by developing these products on their proprietary MGA operating system.

LähiTapiola Mutual is a 200-year old company that has remained relevant by embracing digital change. And, finally, INVYO develops cutting-edge business intelligence (BI) tools that enable insurance companies of all sizes to adopt a data-driven strategy.

In this video, they share insights based on their unique experiences on the potential of AI to automate repetitive tasks, gain unique insights from large unstructured datasets, and inject AI methodologies into current business processes to ensure data-driven decision making that is relevant in today’s business world.

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