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Digitalscouting as a platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs and senior managers is just one side of the story. Beyond the public side Digitalscouting has established itself as sparring partner for corporations and start-ups on digital / product strategycommunication and attention hacking and referring partners and investors or mediating between adversaries in legal conflicts.


We are also regularly key-note speakersmoderators,  panelists or judges at pitch-competitions at tech conferences around the world or support start-ups and corporates on their advisory boards. In addition we write articles for blogs or books - focusing on the digital transformation of traditional industries, international market insights or increasing the chances of success for promising start-ups.  We also support due diligence for investors  - mostly checking product strategy, development processes and the team. 


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Digital Finance Conference

Starting as a platform, Digitalscouting quickly became one of the hottest consulting and communication companies in the insurance and finance industry. Why?


Digitalscouting delivers top notch insights into the finance and insurance industry and actionable recommendations because senior professionals from the core of the industry work alongside start-up experts and digital natives.


In addition Digitalscouting has proven to possess the tools and tactics to get the attention of the industry and the end consumer alike - being able to refer to their own platform with 50.000+ Follower and a monthly reach of 10.000.000 and above as proof. is a platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators sharing their ideas, news, best practices and lessons learned on the hot topics of digital transformation. In addition, mentors start-ups and supports corporations as a sparring partner. established itself as a platform known for outstanding market insights by thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators of the corporate world. serves also as sparring partner for corporates, conference organizers and start-ups on digital strategy and execution.

Digitalscouting is a platform for hot topics of digital transformation providing thought leaders a space to discuss trends, technology & new business models

What others say about Dr. Robin Kiera

Global Insurance Symposium: Co-Chairs Kay Godfredsen and Laura Beebe were so kind to say a few words about me. 

Insurtechnews (Milano, Italy): Dr. Robin Kiera is one of the known faces of insurtech. In addition to his role as influencer, author and speaker. He also mediates and connects traditional corporations, start-ups and tech companies on different continents. This made him to a Go-To-Guy behind the scenes. He can be found on Twitter, Linkedin or on his blog 




NTV (Germany): der ... bekannte Insurtech-Influencer Robin Kiera

Silicon Valley Innoation Center (San Francisco, USA): Dr. Robin Kiera from Hamburg, Germany is considered one of the most known thought leaders and influencers in fintech and insurtech from Europe. Robin has spent the last decade leading reorganization or transformation projects at multinational corporations or helped to scale start-ups. Right now he leads the set up of a digital ecosystem of products and services for the digital subsidiary of a German private bank. Robin is also known for founding - a platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior management, that developed to a consulting firm and attention hacking agency. Behind the scenes, Digitalscouting supports corporations and scaling startups in their digital and communication strategy - using the most effective tactics and tools.

Healthcare Insurance Forum (Dubai): Dr. Robin Kiera belongs to the most renown thought leaders of the industry. He is Germany's Number 1 Insurtech and Fintech Influencer and is known for his sharp market analysis and evaluation of new technology for industry use cases. He was one of the first to underline the disruptive potential of the insurtech Lemonade and predict the market entry of Amazon. In his key-notes around the world he shares his views that digital transformation is not a threat but actually a huge opportunity for growth for the industry. When he is not on stage he sets up ecosystems of digital products and services with tech- and data driven teams for the insurance and finance industry. He also mentors start-ups and advises traditional corporations. He works and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Hootsuite (Canada): Robin gründete Inzwischen wird er international zu den relevanten Thought Leadern und Influencern rund um das Thema Digitale Transformation und Attention Hacking gezählt. Neben Key-Note Vorträgen auf Konferenzen hilft er Unternehmen bei der digitalen Transformation.

Versicherungswirtschaft Heute: (Germany): Auf Social Media folgen Dr. Robin Kiera über 35.000 Menschen. Dort teilt er regelmäßig Einschätzungen und Einblicke. Er wies als einer der ersten auf das disruptive Potential von Lemonade hin und sagte den Eintritt von Amazon in den Versicherungsmarkt voraus. Mittlerweile zählt. Kiera zu den international bekanntesten deutschen Insurtech- und Fintech Experten. Er spricht regelmäßig auf Technologie- und Versicherungskonferenzen in Asien, MENA, USA und Europa. Nach vielen Jahren bei großen und kleinen Versicherern baut er derzeit ein Ökosystem von digitalen Produkten und Services für eine große Finanzinstitution auf. 

Insurance Thought Leadership (USA): Dr. Robin Kiera has worked in several management positions in insurance and finance. Kiera is a renowned insurance and insurtech expert. He regularly speaks at technology conferences around the world as a keynote or panelist.

Business Angel Club (Germany): Dr. Robin Kiera zählt zu den international bekanntesten Deutschen Thought Leadern im Bereich Digitale Transformation, Fintech und Insurtech. Die von ihm gegründete Plattform Digitalscouting erreicht monatlich über seine 40.000 Follower eine Reichweite bis zu 17.000.000 Menschen. Dies ist vor allem auf regelmäßige Key-Note-Speeches auf Technologiekonferenzen rund um die Welt sowie diverse virale Blogartikel zurückzuführen. Wenn er nicht auf der Bühne steht, leitet er bei Konzernen Transformationsprojekte oder baut Start-Ups auf. Derzeit leitet Dr. Kiera den Aufbau eines Ökosystems digitaler Produkte und Services für die Digitaltochter einer Privatbank.

Insurtech Insights (UK): With a doctorate in history and over 10 year experience in traditional companies as well as start-ups, Robin Kiera is an Insurtech and Digital Transformation expert, speaker and author. With experience from corporations like Allianz and Goodgame Studios, Robin uses his hands-on experience as a Advisory Board Member in a handful of startups – and also shares his knowledge and know-how with the world through his keynotes, blogs and videos. His passion lies in challenging the status quo to implement tailor-made solutions in the digital age. He has published articles in blogs and books. He is one of the leading influencers on Insurtech and Fintech in Europe – always scouting for the next big thing.

Grosum (India): Dr. Robin Kiera living in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the most renown thought leaders in digital transformation and new work culture. Having worked in start-ups and corporates he knows both sides of the story. Besides giving key-notes around the world on digital trends and cultural change, Robin founded – a platform for market insights, thought leaders and influencers. In addition, he leads the software- and product development at the digital subsidiary of a large private bank in Germany.

Global Insurance Symposium (Des Moines, USA): Dr. Robin Kiera from Hamburg, Germany is one of the most influential thought leaders in insurtech, fintech and in digital transformation. His articles, interviews and key-notes belong to the most read in the industry. Besides speaking around the world Robin is known in the finance and insurance industry as a hands-on expert leading the set-up of ecosystems of digital products and services and large change projects. He is known as a straightforward sparrings partner of corporates and start-ups - and a die-hard soccer fan. 

Insly (London, UK): Dr. Robin Kiera one of the most known insurtech and fintech thought leader and influencers. In his talks as well as behind the scene Robin is known for his clear and concise analysis, roadmaps with hands-on actions and large network that stretches around the world.

CX Company (Munich, GER): Dr. Robin Kiera, Top-Insurtech-Influencer und Digitalisierungsexperte, der seine Erfahrung in Führungspositionen bei großen Transformationsprojekten in der Versicherungsbranche mit einem tiefen Verständnis für digitale Produkte und Geschäftsmodelle verbindet.

Beijing Insurance Research Institute (in Chinese): Kiera博士是德国保险科技领域最具影响力的人物之一,现在德国最大游戏公司做数据分析咨询。同时Kiera博士还是非常有影响力的金融科技与保险科技的传播者,以发言人、主持人和演讲嘉宾的身份出席全球的科技会议,发表重要观点。其著作重点关注传统保险公司的数字化变革及优秀创新企业的成功。Kiera博士还曾在全球最大的保险公司之一Allianz的董事会任职,建立德国公司的数据处理和分析能力,成功帮助全球公司进行技术结构的改进和流程的优化。

Versicherungsbote (in German): Dr. Robin Kiera hat in Versicherungskonzernen und bei Start-Ups gearbeitet. Seit über 10 Jahren leitet er große Transformationsprojekte. Er spricht

regelmäßig in Asien, Amerika und Europa als Key-Note-Speaker zur Digitalisierung in der Finanz- und Versicherungswirtschaft.  

April & Insurection (Lyon, France): Dr. Robin Kiera – from Hamburg, Germany: one of the top international insurtech and fintech influencers with a 12 year track record at large and small insurers and banks as well as start-ups. Robin is known for in-depth analysis of the industry and war-stories form large transformation projects or the wild start-up world. Along with pushing transformation Robin works on developing ecosystems of digital products and services in finance and insurance. His dream: finance and insurance not being necessary evils but appreciated companions of everyone. Robin regularly holds key-notes in Europe, Asia and the US, mentors start-ups and advises insurance companies. Magazine (Neulingen, Germany): Dr. Robin Kiera gilt als einer der einflussreichsten Thought Leader zu Digitaler Transformation, Fintech und Insurtech. Bei Twitter, Xing und Linkedin folgen ihm über 40.000 Menschen. Seit über 10 Jahren leitet er Transformationsprojekte oder baut Start-Ups mit auf. Er spricht regelmäßig als Key-Note-Speaker in Asien, Arabien, den USA und Europa.

Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (San Francisco, USA) wrote: "Dr. Robin Kiera: One of Germany's top 10 InsurTech influencers with experience leading digitization / transformation projects at Allianz & Signal Iduna."

The Versicherungsjournal (Ahrensburg, Germany) wrote: "Dr. Robin Kiera begleitet Start-ups und berät traditionelle Unternehmen bei der digitalen Transformation und digitalen Produktentwicklung. Als Experte und Influencer im Bereich Fintech und Insurtech spricht er regelmäßig als Key-Note-Speaker auf internationalen Konferenzen – vor allem über den Aufbau von Ökosystemen digitaler Produkte und Services. Er bloggt unter"

Global Reinsurance Innovation & Insurtech (Dubai): Robin Kiera is an Insurtech and Digital Transformation expert, speaker and author. Born and raised in Germany with a doctorate in history and over 10 year experience in traditional companies as well as start-ups he chose to devote himself to digital change. He combines experience in leading large transformation projects in the insurance industry with a deep understanding of digital products and business models. His passion lies in challenging the status quo to implement tailor-made solutions in the digital age. Robin shares his experiences and knowhow as key-note speaker, panelist and moderator around the world. He has published articles in blogs and books. He is one of the leading influencers on insurtech and fintech in Europe – always looking for the next big thing. 

Startupbootcamp (Berlin, Germany): "Dr. Robin Kiera – over 10 years’ experience working for multinational corporations and dynamic start-ups – for example Germany’s biggest game developer Goodgame Studios. During his time at Allianz and Signal Iduna Insurance Robin lead portfolios of digitalization projects. Besides, he speaks, blogs and writes about digitalization." 

One Insurance: "Dr. Robin Kiera: One of Germanys Top insurtech influencers and insurance industry experts. Speaker, author and blogger. Over 12 years, Robin gained experience in leading large transformation projects at corporations and helping startups to scale and optimize structures. He worked at companies such as Allianz and Goodgame Studios.

Interdisciplinary Marketing by Anja M. Neubauer (in German): "Dr. Robin Kiera: Auf Twitter, Linkedin und Xing folgen ihm rund 27.000 Leute. Posts von ihm erhalten mitunter bis zu 60.000 views. Dies hat u.a. diverse Einladungen als Key-Note-Speaker, Beiratsmitglied etc. pp. zur Folge. Sein Reichweite liegt bei 3-10 Millionen (!) Lesern. Russland, China, USA, ganz Europa… es gibt kaum ein Land der Welt, was er als Key-Note -Speaker noch nicht bereist hätte. Das Beste: Dies war jedoch nie seine Absicht. 

Innolution Valley (in German): Dr. Robin Kiera, Insurtech-Influencer und Digitalisierungsexperte. Robin steht für das „Data-beats-Opinion“ Prinzip. Durch seine Zeit bei Konzernen und in Start-Ups weiß er, wie wichtig eine gute Datenbasis für fundierte Entscheidungen in der Entwicklung von digitalen Produkten, Services und Geschäftsmodellen ist – gerade in der digitalen Transformation. In seiner Key-Note wird er über Digital-Know-How, seine Erfahrungen in der Umsetzung des „Data-beats-Opinion-Prinzips“ und den gekonnten Umgang mit der Nerf-Gun sprechen.

Infoshare (Gdansk, Polen): Dr. Robin Kiera – over 10 years’ experience working for large corporations and start-ups – for example for the online gaming company Goodgame Studios. . He is considered one of the top insurtech influencer in Germany.

The German Association for People Management (in German): "Dr. Robin Kiera leitet seit über 10 Jahren Transformations-, Change- und Optimierungsprojekte in Konzernen und Start-Ups. Seine Mission ist es, die Best Practices von Start-Ups und Konzern für den jeweiligen anderen nutzbar zu machen.  Er tritt als Keynote-Speaker in Europa, Asien und den USA auf. Er wird zu den Top 10 Insurtech-Influencern in Deutschland gezählt."


Executive Star (Utrecht, Netherlands): "Dr. Robin Kiera, one of Germany´s top insuretech influencers and service industry expert. He led the transformation of companies like Signal Iduna, Allianz and Goodgame Studios."

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