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Digitalscouting is one the platform for corporate innovators, thought leaders and entrepreneurs to exchange best practices and lessons learned. Over 50.000 professionals follow us directly - but our reach goes far beyond that.


We regularly provide support to conferences and events all over the globe through speaking, media partnerships and in-depth campaigns bringing events to our followers covering experts, influencers, companies, c-suits, executive decision makers, startups from different industries.


We produce industry insights via articles, vlogs and blogs harnessing the different views on innovation, digital transformation, the worldwide market and scout promising startups.

Robin Kiera of Digitalscouting

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Dr. Robin Kiera, Founder of Digitalscouting. 


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Digital Finance Conference

Starting as a platform, Digitalscouting quickly became one of the hottest consulting and communication companies in the insurance and finance industry. Why?


Digitalscouting delivers top notch insights into the finance and insurance industry and actionable recommendations because senior professionals from the core of the industry work alongside start-up experts and digital natives.


In addition Digitalscouting has proven to possess the tools and tactics to get the attention of the industry and the end consumer alike - being able to refer to their own platform Digitalscouting.de with 50.000+ Follower and a monthly reach of 10.000.000 and above as proof.

Digitalscouting.de is a platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators sharing their ideas, news, best practices and lessons learned on the hot topics of digital transformation. In addition, Digitalscouting.de mentors start-ups and supports corporations as a sparring partner.

Digitalscouting.de established itself as a platform known for outstanding market insights by thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators of the corporate world. Digitalscouting.de serves also as sparring partner for corporates, conference organizers and start-ups on digital strategy and execution.

Insurtechnews (Milano, Italy): Dr. Robin Kiera is one of the known faces of insurtech. In addition to his role as influencer, author and speaker. He also mediates and connects traditional corporations, start-ups and tech companies on different continents. This made him to a Go-To-Guy behind the scenes. He can be found on Twitter, Linkedin or on his blog digitalscouting.de. 

Silicon Valley Innoation Center (San Francisco, USA): Dr. Robin Kiera from Hamburg, Germany is considered one of the most known thought leaders and influencers in fintech and insurtech from Europe. Robin has spent the last decade leading reorganization or transformation projects at multinational corporations or helped to scale start-ups. Right now he leads the set up of a digital ecosystem of products and services for the digital subsidiary of a German private bank. Robin is also known for founding Digitalscouting.de - a platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior management, that developed to a consulting firm and attention hacking agency. Behind the scenes, Digitalscouting supports corporations and scaling startups in their digital and communication strategy - using the most effective tactics and tools.

Healthcare Insurance Forum (Dubai): Dr. Robin Kiera belongs to the most renown thought leaders of the industry. He is Germany's Number 1 Insurtech and Fintech Influencer and is known for his sharp market analysis and evaluation of new technology for industry use cases. He was one of the first to underline the disruptive potential of the insurtech Lemonade and predict the market entry of Amazon. In his key-notes around the world he shares his views that digital transformation is not a threat but actually a huge opportunity for growth for the industry. When he is not on stage he sets up ecosystems of digital products and services with tech- and data driven teams for the insurance and finance industry. He also mentors start-ups and advises traditional corporations. He works and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Versicherungsbote (in German): Dr. Robin Kiera hat in Versicherungskonzernen und bei Start-Ups gearbeitet. Seit über 10 Jahren leitet er große Transformationsprojekte. Er spricht

regelmäßig in Asien, Amerika und Europa als Key-Note-Speaker zur Digitalisierung in der Finanz- und Versicherungswirtschaft.  

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