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"Don't put a Speedboat on a Tanker" Carsten #Maschmeyer on #insurtech, #insurance and investing

The self-made billionaire shared his lessons learned from investing in start-ups, his view on the insurance and insurtech industry.


He also shared how he and his team evaluate if they invest in the US or Europe in a start up and what exactly they are looking for.


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"I would differentiate digital transformation from digital innovation. We are strongly focusing on the latter"

- Sabine VanderLinden, InsurTech Rockstar


Did you know the difference between #DigitalTransformation and #DigitalInnovation?


How about the balance of US Investors, EU Insurers and Start-up companies that comprise and suiting EU markets today?


Learn the awesome inputs, tips and more about InsurTech Digitization from one of the renowned InsurTech Rockstars - and one of our great friends, Sabine VanderLinden.


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I had the privilege to talk with the Silicon Valley Innovation Center about tools and tactics to innovate traditional insurers - taking the best practices from insurtech, fintech and wealthtech as well as other industries.


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