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No Internet Receptions In Germany


I travel. A lot. I travel by plane, by car, and by train. In most developed countries it’s possible to work while traveling – except in Germany. While government and NGOs don’t get tired to cite shady studies certifying Germany as “innovation power” the reality on the ground is different.



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"Esports Is The Fastest Growing Millennial Industry" - Mario Ovcharov, CEO of UltraPlay

Scouting Movers and Shakers: "Esports Is The Fastest Growing Millennial Industry" - Mario Ovcharov, CEO of UltraPlay

In order to move forward, learning best practices from around the world and from other industries can be decisive. This time we look at Esports and have Ultraplay and its CEO, Mario Ovcharov took the time to share their insights and best practices. 

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"The Indian Insurtech Market is one of the Most Attractive Opportunities in the World" - Kapil Mehta, Co-Founder of SecureNow

It is our mission to scout different insurtech, fintech and tech ecosystems asking experts to share their latest updates and expertise. We are happy to collect new strategies, use cases and lesson learned from different communities that we are hoping delivers value whether you're from insurance, finance, tech, and other industries.
One of those ecosystems is India. We're happy to present SecureNow and its Co-Founder Kapil Mehta as part of our "Scouting Insurtech Series". 

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Digital Transformation in Insurance: Customer Engagement & Operational Agility 2019 is media partner of  Digital Insurance Agenda: DIA Amsterdam

See us on June 25th to 27th, 2019 in the beautiful Amsterdam.

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Magic Of Innovation is a media partner of   Magic Of Innovation: Insurance Innovation Day.

See us in the beautiful Vienna on September 18th and 19th.
We're super excited to experience this year's new concepts for future oriented companies with amazing products and services for Insurance industry. 

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"Verlade das Schnellboot nicht auf einen Tanker!" - Carsten Maschmeyer


The shared our interview with Carsten Maschmeyer.


As one of the most successful insurance entrepreneurs of his time he he shared his view on the chances of new technologies, the current state of the industry and what kind of startups he is looking to invest in.


See the rest of the article here and also watch the video interview here.


Digitization: "the biggest break in brokerage in the last fifty years"

"Even small players would have a chance to win against the old-established..."


I am happy to be quoted in the's article "Vermittler wird Kontaktjongleur zwischen Versicherer und Kunde" for DKM's Cover Concept Fair.

More insights about Digitization shared here.