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Gary Vaynerchuk Series: Insurance Executives - How You Can Use Social Media As Leverage In The Insurance Industry


Instead of sharing my 2 cents about social media #marketing and #branding I went out to London to meet the legend Gary Vaynerchuk and hoped for some "Gary Vaynerchuk style social media tips" for the insurance and finance industry.


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Alberto Garuccio

Scouting The Movers and Shakers: "The War Is Not Over" -Alberto Garuccio about Fintech and Insurtech Trends


What trends would cultivate the new needs and opportunities for Fintech and Insurtech. Alberto Garuccio shared his predictions and key points on what could be vital for the Insurance and Finance industry for the next coming years. Who will inherit these soon to be use cases and the lessons that will be accumulated along the way also, his do's and don'ts for traditional bankers when it comes to Fintech.

Eric Mignot +Simple

Scouting Insurtech: +Simple Insurance "There is no such thing as The Customer..."

Insurtechs are well-known for their customer centric thinking and approach when it comes to insurance digital products and customer services. We are excited to share the interview with the President and Founder Eric Mignot.
Learn how by not recognizing "The Customers" revolutionized their success in the insurance industry - actually they won more customers.

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Digital Transformation in Insurance: Customer Engagement & Operational Agility 2019

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