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Digitalscouting to London for Europe's Leading Insurtech Conference 2018

Dr. Robin Kiera will travel to London this coming 19th to 20th of June 2018 to represent Digitalscouting and to participate as one of the panel speakers for this epic event. He will battle out tech giants, no just kidding :) He will be sharing his expert notions about tech giants arrival and its influences on the insurance industry.
Article by: Raul Tolentino Jr.

Magic of Innovation in Vienna - Digitalscouting will be there.

Why are we thrilled about this year's upcoming Magic of Innovation conference? An Insurance Innovation Day happening this coming 19th and 20th of September in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.
Article by: Raul Tolentino Jr.

One free and some discounted tickets for the Digisurance 2018

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Robin Kiera will be the moderator for the upcoming Digisurance18 happening on June 21, 2018.
Article by: Raul Tolentino Jr.

"Love your customers, not your product!" A podcast interview on Reach or Miss.

Dr. Robin Kiera was interviewed by Hayut Yogev of Reach or Miss previously guested by Guy Kawasaki, Gordon Tredgold, Dan Knowlton, Aman Advani, Madalyn Sklar, Carla Johnson, Ian Anderson Gray, Corey Poirier, Elizabeth Scherle, Douglas Burdett, Jeff Bullas, Erik Huberman, Jeremiah Gardner.
What Visitors Learn: Click Here
Written by: Raul Tolentino Jr.

Deep Dive: 3 Things to learn from the multi billion dollar Free2Play-Gaming industry

They give away their products for free and still make billions - the online gaming industry. Patrick Rose one of their thought leaders shares in his deep diving article three secrets of success that professionals of all industries could apply. See here for more. Article by Patrick Rose

The Deutsche Familienversicherung, a midsize German insurer, invited Digitalscouting to their insurtech showcase. The did not show a new green field division or nice-to-have-feature, but a fully digitalized insurance core with impressive realtime and near time processes and services for the customer. More info here.

I am so humbled. Thanks DesignMantic and all those who support Digitalscouting.

Agency Nation - a must see show for all insurance employees, agents and in the end professionals of all industries. I was happy to meet Ryan Hanley at the Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, USA - and say a few words about what concrete agents could to tomorrow to use the opportunities of the digital era.  See more here.

I had the pleasure to participate at the DENIM RIVET Podcast. We had a nice chat about insurance, innovation and disruption. 

The Financial Brand was so kind to publish my analysis of the Chinese Killer App WeChat. One Billion Active Monthly Users is more than impressive. But why are so many people inside and outside China using it? What kind of effect could WeChat have on the Banking and Insurance industry? See here.

"Finance needs innovation", Susanne Chishti, CEO of the Fintech Circle

Susanne Chishti, one of the most known experts in the fintech, insurtech and wealthtech world, shares her views on the status of the industries, what exactly needs to change, and why she publishes books on a crowdsourced base.

"It is a full shift of paradigm" Interview with Dr. Stefan Knoll, CEO & Founder of Germanys first Insurtech

"Digitalisierung ist Nichts für Doofe"


Hier ein kurzes Making-Off meines Blicks hinter die Kulissen der Deutschen Familienversicherung und eine kurze Zusammenfassung des Interviews mit CEO und Founder Dr. Stefan Knoll. Hier weitere Informationen.

"Digital Transformation is not for the stupid"

Here the making-off of my look behind the scenes of the Deutsche Familienversicherung, a midsize German insurer, founded and lead by Dr. Stefan Knoll and a short summary of an interview with him. For more Information see here.

Digital scouting on tour:

Media Partnership with Blockchain Conferences around the world

I have the honor to announce that Digitalscouting became media partner of the Global Blockchain Summit Series - providing exciting conferences in Singapore, San Francisco, Dubai and Frankfurt. For more read here.

Why Spotify is going to stay, and we will see a pretty exciting IPO

Spotify is heading for their IPO. Time for Digitalscouting to have a closer look at the product - and yes: it looks like a love story, it feels like one - it is one. Besides my personal take on the product I believe that Spotify can play an important role in the music and entertainment business: read about the why in the article.


I wrote a new article in the German magazin Startupvalleynews about corporate culture, start-up perks and how traditional companies could combine their best practices with a little bit of start-up magic - and what corporations with a broken culture could do. For more see here.

"To sell insurance is not like to sell smartphones", Matteo Carbone Insurance Thought Leader and Founder of the Connected Insurance Observatory

In this unplugged and very personal interview Matteo talks about his favorite gadgets, telematics and why he and Andrea Silvello wrote a book together.

"It is not enough to change the design" Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade Inc.


"It isn’t enough to change the design" Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade Inc, talks about his secret sauce of success, Lemonades plans for the future and how incumbents are reacting to one of the hottest insurtech startup.



Exclusive Sneak Preview into the new book of Matteo Carbone and Andrea Silvello. "All the insurance players will be Insurtech"

I am proud to publish exclusively an excerpt of Matteo Carbone and Andrea Silvello's new book: "All the Insurance Players Will Be Insurtech: A wave of innovation is finally reshaping the insurance industry" Read more...

Key-Note-Speaker at the Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, USA

I am happy to announce that I will be Key-Note-Speaker at the Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, USA - April 25th. I will speak about "Digital Disruption: Threat and Opportunity". I will focus on the fundamental tech-driven changes in customer behavior and the consequences for an industry not famous for the reinventing itself or its thrive for innovation - and trends like AI, Blockchain, Insurtech and Innovation.

“Innovation is not an App you can download from the Apple store”, Paolo Sironi, Best-Selling Fintech Author and IBM Industry Academy Member interviewed Paolo Sironi, Fintech Author and IBM Industry Academy Member. Paolo talks about his success as a best-selling author and about the future of finance, banking and fintech - and why he can't wait for the new Google Pixel Buds. Read more.

Expert Insights by Timo Dreger: Blockchain and Cryptomania. The Insurance Industry is Ready to Rumble

Many experts including bankers from top-tier investment banks are mocking companies like Kodak for creating public excitement and especially steeply rising share prices by adding “crypto” to their names or by starting their own crypto-currency. And at least for some companies, they get it totally wrong. For more click here.

Start-Up-Judge at Insur-Star in Shanghai

I am honored to be invited as judge at the Insurstar 2017, taking place in Shanghai. I was really impressed by the high quality of the participating start-ups. We had aggregators with a specific target group, artificial intelligence driven assistants. There were B2B and B2C companies, some customer- some product centric. I am curious who will win the awards.

#IFOR2017 Exciting Twitter Chat with Chris Skinner, David Brear, Julie Lake, Ricardo Vidal, Devie Mohan and Amit Goel

A few weeks ago, I had the honor to participate in a live Twitter panel with role models such as David Brear and Chris Skinner - it was fantastic to participate with them - as well as Ricardo Vidal of Kreditech, Julie Lake of FinTechCity and Devie Mohan. Click here

"Only technology is not sufficient", Antonio Grasso, Digital Transformation Addict, Influencer and Founder

Antonio Grasso, Digital Transformation Addict, Influencer and Founder shares his views on the state of digital transformation in his home market Italy. He explains why telematics is so successful there - far more than in most Western markets. He also shares his view on artificial intelligence, blockchain and bitcoin. Click here.

Happy New Year 2018 - Thank you for a great 2017

Thank you all for a great 2017 - let's enjoy 2018 as much as possible. Thank you for so much support, inspiration and friendship. With love from Hamburg Robin

UPdated: Intense debate of Amazon entering insurance business. Over 100.000 views of my articles in German and English. Most read insurance article in Germany 2017.

Within a few days my article "Amazon is Coming. Game Over for the Insurance Industry?" published on InsurtechNews in English and in the Versicherungsjournal in German was viewed over 100.000 times. We also saw a controversial debate starting on Linkedin and counter articles in the Versicherungsjournal. I believe this Amazon-Insurtech-Debate underlines the energy and strength of the insurance and insurtech ecosystem. So thank all for their participation.

10 Books Thought Leader, Influencers and Entrepreneurs really read

If you don't know what to buy your co-founder, senior VP or nerd friend, you will find here inspiration. Thought leader, influencers and entrepreneurs, I interviewed this year for Digitalscouting, reveal what books they love and read. More information here.

Digital Scouting

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At you as corporate or start-up professional can expect insights from industry thought leaders, inspiring articles, awesome charts, news on conferences and events and relevant information from around the world. 


Why doing this? 

Digitalization changes customer behavior dramatically. New technologies and trends such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), VR/AR/MR, Big-Data-Analysis, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Digital VC Strategies, DronesMachine Learning and so many more emerge. This changes most industries. Right now incumbents, tech companies and start-ups are working on exciting digital products and services taking us to the next level.


Why aiming at Start-Up and Corporate Professionals?

Since I have worked on both sides I think it's important to provide one platform and one go-to-point for interesting content and information - all in all this site should be a place for trends for the start-up and the corporate world. 

Let's have a look - together!


Robin Kiera

“People often treat social selling like going to the gym,” Tim Hughes, Best-Selling Author and one of the most renown experts on social selling.

A lot corporates, sales managers and c-suites are struggling with social selling. One of the most renown experts in this field, Tim Hughes, shares his views on the Do's and Don't in social selling... Read more.

Market Insights into China: "Clear and simple" Tencent launches Wesure - its insurance platform has the honor to publish a article by Zarc Gin from our Chinese media partner Insurview: Tencent, China’s social network giant has released its proprietary insurance platform Wesure within its social app, Wechat on 2nd Nov. 2017. It is not the first move Tencent made in insurance, but it’s the most straightforward one so far. It is clear that Tencent does not want to fall behind in the Fintech race against its domestic rivalry Alibaba, who already launched an insurance... Read more.

ExecInsurtech Conference: Where to discover the state of the industry in Germany 


I had the honor of participating at EXEC.insurtech's 2017 conference in the historic city of Cologne, Germany. EXEC.isurtech is a series of conferences connecting our ever-growing Insurtech community. It focusses on promoting innovative ideas and facilitating relationships between the players in the game. I was lucky to be appointed startup judge, as well as moderate the panel on Blockchain in the insurance industry. It was great fun. Read more.

Sharing Best Practice from East and West: Media Partnership between China's InsurView and


Today I'm happy to announce a media partnership between and one of China's largest Insurtech sites, InsurView. InsurView is an insurance news platform whose goal is to connect the InsurTech industry and inform on the latest news and developments in the exciting insurance industry of China. Insights into eastern and western markets Our partnership will go both ways - we'll be bringing insights from InsurView's website over to and publish them in English. Read more.

Appointed member of the Advisory Council for the India Fintech Opportunities Review by the Yes Bank.

I am honored and humbled that the Indian Yes Bank asked me to join their “Advisory Council for the India Fintech Opportunities Review”. I am especially honored to join a group of advisory council member such as Chris Skinner, Chris Gladhill, Devie Mohan, Shanti Mohan, Simon Cocking, Julie Lake, Avi Cohen, Brad Chun, Suvodeep Das and many more. Read more.

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