Free ticket for you – Digitalscouting is Media Partner of Insurtech Connect

We’re very  thrilled to share our media partnership with one of the world’s largest insurtech and insurance events that will gather experts, investors, and entrepreneurs of the insurance industry from all around the world.  The Insuretech Connect 2018, The Future of Insurance is Here happening on October 2 to 3, 2018 at the MGM Grand […]

“We have set up a completely new product landscape. It is a total paradigm shift in the insurance industry,” Dr. Stefan Knoll, CEO DFV

Dr. Robin Kiera:  In your opinion, what would you call, “one of humanities greatest inventions?” Dr. Stefan Knoll: All of mankind’s greatest inventions had specialization on the supplier side and individualization on the user side. For example, if you chose the iPhone or the iPad as one of humanities greatest inventions, these two Apple products were […]

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