3 Lessons of the DKM and Award for 5.5 Top Booths

3 lessons of the DKM and award for 5.5 top booths

DKM Conference is one of the biggest events in Germany – the most comprehensive trade fair for insurance, investment, finance, real estate, and IT. Two days of lectures, panels, workshops and thousands of talks. Dr. Robin Kiera conducted a side-event on “Influencer, #tiktok, and Insurer – A Dream Combination”, with Stefan Riedel, Philipp Martin, Marcel […]

Monday Column with Robin Kiera: How Insurers Solve Recruiting Problems

Monday column with Robin Kiera: How insurers solve recruiting problems

“Robin, we just can’t get people anymore. Should we go into the #metaverse?” A question by one of the top 20 insurers. Dr. Robin’s response? “I bet a good bottle of hamburger gin that an audit of your website, social media presence and recruiting process would show the following:” Overcome recruitment problems and read the […]

Many Insurers in Deep Sleep – But Not All

Insurtech is back! This time with a stronger ecosystem. However, not everyone is making an appearance. It has been impossible to hold a sizable start-up scene meeting for more than two years. When startups and insurers finally met again in London, it was a large trade fair where Dr. Robin Kiera shares three observable trends […]

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