Bigger, Better, Insurtech – 4 Lessons From Europe’s Largest Insurtech Conference

4 Lessons From Europe’s Largest Insurtech Conference

During the recent Insurtech Insights Conference in London, we delved deeper and shared thoughts about the future of insurtech. What are the “4 Lessons From Europe’s Largest Insurtech Conference”?

The conference focused on the strength of the insurtech ecosystem, with an emphasis on technology, claims, fraud detection, distribution, and artificial intelligence.

It is noticeable that the industry is changing slowly, with more consulting and technology companies joining in. Furthermore, most of the solutions presented at the conference were small improvements rather than big changes.

Finally, it was pointed out that there weren’t many important people from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at the conference. Future conferences should try to include these people.

Key Question:

☑️ What are the 4 lessons shared from Europe’s largest Insurtech conference?

☑️ What can we learn from them?

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