Go viral with these top 4 digital tools for insurance professionals.

With these four tools, insurers and brokers can go viral

In the digital world, insurance professionals are always trying to get noticed and get people to interact with them. To stand out, you need to use powerful tools to improve your online presence. A digital expert, Dr. Robin Kiera, shows off four tools that will change the game in this area.

Canva – democratising graphic design.
Canva is a great tool for people who want to start their own graphic design business. With a variety of templates, it’s easy to make graphics for social media that people will want to share. For a small fee, the pro version unlocks more advanced features. This is a small investment that will improve the look of your brand.

Capcut – video editing on a budget.
Video content is king, but the cost of making it can stop people from making it. Capcut is an alternative that is easy on the wallet; it lets you edit videos well for a lot less than the usual prices. Video editing is easy to learn, so it’s not just for tech-savvy people but for anyone who wants to be more digital.

Captions – seamless subtitle creation.
Captions make it easy to make subtitles, which makes sure that everyone can watch your videos, increases user engagement, and expands your reach. – mass personalization at your fingertips. lets you make personalized videos for a lot of people at once; one recording can reach hundreds or thousands of people, making your message more personal and powerful.

These tools are great because they are easy to use and don’t cost a lot of money. This means that insurance agents and brokers can do professional-level digital marketing.

Read the full article to learn more about how these tools can be used in your marketing plan and to get more advice from Dr. Kiera.

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