Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards: Dr. Robin Kiera’s Insights

Dr. Robin Kiera insights for Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards

We’re excited to share insights from Dr. Robin Kiera, who recently joined the jury of the Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards.

In his interview, he predicts that social media and content marketing will be key trends in insurance this year. He looks forward to seeing innovative projects that bridge the gap between insurers and younger demographics through savvy social media strategies.

As a judge, Dr. Kiera seeks entries that not only present a novel approach to digital engagement in insurance but also show measurable success. His advice to those preparing entries is to focus on the narrative of their innovation, resonating not just technologically but also on a human level.

In the spirit of the Qorus Awards, Dr. Kiera urges entrants to think boldly with a digital-first mindset. Stay tuned for more insights from Dr. Kiera and the transformative power of social media and content marketing in insurance.

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