Dr. Robin Kiera is a Keynote Speaker for Marketing Offensive 2022

Berlin will host the Marketing Offensive once more in 2022. It is the leading sales coach in Europe and serves as a hub for brainstorming among the most brilliant minds in the field. This year, over 2,500 are expected to attend.

If we want to stay ahead of the curve, we need to be aware of the most effective sales and marketing strategies as well as lead generation, networks, parnerships, branding, and recruitment.

Digitalscouting CEO, Dr. Robin Kiera is one of the keynote speakers of “Marketing Offensive of Dirk Kreuter”, on November 5 and 6, at Arena Halle Berlin. He will be sharing top marketing and attention-hacking strategies fit for today’s customers.

On Tiktok, Dr. Robin is referred to as the “CEO of Diggi.” On this platform, he imparts his real estate, financial, and insurance skills to over 500,000 followers garnering 10-20 million monthly views. He also provides advice to the top players in insurance and finance.

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