Dr. Robin Kiera is one of the Neobanking Twitter Influencers by Commetric

Numerous business sectors have been through the sweeping digital transformation that helped improve technology integration across all business areas. Financial services are among the few industries that remain insusceptible to major technological advancements despite its ever-growing need to embrace digitalization.

Thanks to neobanking who gave the financial sector a whole new look. While many banking institutions are still confided with the limitations of traditional banking, neobanking or digital-only banks are reaping the benefits of fintech innovation.

In an article released by Commetric, a media analytics solutions provider, organizations with the most significant impact on the media discussion around the neobanking sector are identified. The tech giant Google topped the list, but start-ups dominated it!

The CEO of Starling, Anne Boden, was identified by Commetric as the most influential individual under the neobanking spotlight. Spiros Margaris, a venture capitalist and futurist, got the highest influence score in the Twitter world, followed by Interfima, Marc R Gagné, Urs Bolt, Theodora Lau, our very own Dr. Robin Kiera, and other prominent influencers.

Neobanking is still relatively new, but we cannot deny the consumers’ desire for convenience; it is what puts neobanking in the spotlight. The information available online and the conversation and questions raised by the influencers will help consumers weigh its benefits and drawbacks.

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