Highlighting Outstanding Stands at DKM 2023

The top 15 stands at this year's DKM

The recently concluded DKM 2023 made a notable impact in the insurance industry landscape. The event was a grand showcase of industry players’ innovation, camaraderie, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. The competitive yet friendly atmosphere surrounding the exhibition stands was one of the highlights.

Dr. Robin Kiera also revealed his unofficial ranking, which named VHV Versicherungen the overall winner. The rankings were well-received by the event attendees, generating excitement that extended beyond the event.

It is critical for us as industry professionals to recognize and celebrate the efforts of our colleagues. These rankings promote a sense of friendly competition and motivate companies to showcase their best efforts at these prestigious events.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the rankings and learn more about the notable positions at DKM 2023, you can find the complete article on VersicherungsJournal.

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