3 Marketing Lessons for Insurers and Intermediaries from OMR 2024

3 Marketing Lessons for Insurers and Intermediaries from OMR 2024

Dr. Robin Kiera’s findings from the 2024 OMR Festival provide valuable insights for insurers and brokers looking to boost their online presence and effectiveness. Here’s a brief overview of these strategies:

1. LinkedIn is Standard

LinkedIn is now an indispensable tool for professional networking. Simply being on the platform is insufficient for insurance professionals. Active engagement and strategic content distribution on LinkedIn are essential for increasing visibility and establishing authority in the industry.

2. Short Videos Are Mainstream

The rise of platforms such as TikTok indicates a new era in content marketing: short, compelling videos. These videos, which are often only seconds long, must capture the viewer’s attention almost immediately. For insurers and brokers, this entails adopting a more dynamic content strategy. Producing 10 to 30 short videos per month can significantly increase your reach and engagement, allowing you to connect with a larger audience. To combat today’s fast-paced swipe-away culture, these videos should be concise, informative, and designed to captivate viewers within the first 0.3 seconds.

3. Tech-Driven Customer Targeting

Technological advancements can transform the way brokers and insurers target potential clients. Today, tools exist that enable the mass distribution of personalized content, effectively identifying genuine buying interests. This technology-driven approach not only improves the precision of targeting potential high-value clients but also significantly increases the efficiency and impact of sales campaigns. Using these technologies in the insurance industry leads to higher conversion rates and a stronger bottom line.

The OMR Festival 2023 insights, as interpreted by Dr. Robin Kiera, are more than just observations; they are actionable strategies that can push the insurance industry forward in a competitive digital marketplace. By adopting these trends, insurers and brokers can not only remain relevant but also thrive in the digital age.

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