Thursday, June 4, 2020

“Old minded dudes can’t do digital transformation” Article on the cover of the Startupvalley News Magazine

For the new issue of the magazine I wrote an article (in German): “Old minded dudes can’t do digital transformation”.

I talk about the lack of digital competence and lack of digital experience in board rooms of traditional companies and what this means for shareholder, customers and employees. I underline that this is a huge problem, because digital transformation as an historic trend effects all industries and all parts of the value chain. As consequence one could say: “Winter is coming” to a lot of industries. Besides some war stories from inside incumbents or the wild start-up world I share my opinion how it is possible to use the digital transformation as gigantic opportunity for growths and what needs to be done. Check out for more. If you are interested in publishing the text in your language I am happy to hear from you (contact Robin).  

Prakash is a tech freak, passionate about every new gadget and technology that comes his way. Always searching, always curios, he managed to gather an astounding experience that is very useful in his journalistic career.

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