Sunday, October 17, 2021

Onalytica’s Interview with Dr. Robin Kiera

It is not every day that we are given a chance to share more about what we do on a platform such as Onalytica. This time, it was Dr. Robin Kiera who was given an opportunity to speak about the challenges faced by many of the brands today and a glimpse of what he thinks the future holds for the insurance industry.

One of the reasons why Dr. Robin Kiera can easily relate to many of his clients’ struggles is he was once an insurance broker, and most likely than not, he was once in their shoes. Dr. Robin Kiera knew what was really going on. Today’s challenges of the insurance industry have gone far away from pushing the products to the market. It is now the mindset that brands have to take a look at a million times again – a mindset that eyes on creating situations in which people will automatically come. Customers nowadays crave care and protection. It’s what keeps clients coming back to Digitalscouting.

The future is yet to unveil, but the same mindset will be a great help. The insurance industry can only redeem itself by becoming a part of the daily lives of its customers. Those who embrace this idea will face a golden era, Dr. Robin Kiera says. A few brands that are heading the right way in the insurance industry and are worth keeping a close look at are Figo Pet of the US, UK’s Bought By Many, Ping An of China, the classic car insurer OCC, and German Family Insurance.

Find out what made Dr. Robin Kiera fall for the topics he has been actively engaging with for the past years, the influencers who inspired him, and many more in an interview with Joe Fields of Onalytica.

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Robin gehört zu den weltweit bekanntesten Experten der Versicherungsindustrie und verzeichnet auf seinem Blog und Social Media Kanälen monatlich über 16 Million Views. Aus seiner Begeisterung entstand schließlich eine der gefragtesten Consulting- und Marketing-Agenturen im Finanz- und Versicherungsbereich.

Er teilt zudem mit mir die “Leiden”schaft für den gleichen Fußballverein und ist das Modell für den ersten Sneaker der Versicherungsbranche. Welcher Verein das ist und wie alles begann, erfahrt Ihr im nachfolgenden Interview.





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