The Online Marketing Rockstars Festival: A Serious Playground for Insurers

The Online Marketing Rockstars Festival: A Serious Playground for Insurers

Do you think the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival (#OMR24) is all about the glitz and glamour of the digital world? Think again. It’s a serious playground for marketing and sales pros, and insurers are taking action.

Digital content and social media are crucial for effectively using target-specific content and expanding our network, including professional groups on social media platforms. – Marcel Neumann, OCC Assekuradeur GmbH

Social media can advance sales – even in B2B. The art is in crafting engaging introductions and concise sentences to foster active interaction and discussions. – Andreas Stollenwerk, MSG Systems AG.

Fundamentally, content should convert. Ideally, digital content should also reach the desired circle of addressees. – Christian Buschkotte, Andsafe AG.

Top 3 key takeaways:

1️⃣ Digital content and social media aren’t just buzzwords; they’re essential for reaching and engaging with the right audience in today’s insurance landscape.

2️⃣ The secret sauce to social media success? It’s all about crafting content that’s both gripping from the get-go and succinct enough to drive meaningful conversations.

3️⃣ Remember, the endgame of content is conversion. It’s not just about creating noise; it’s about getting the right ears to listen.

A big shout-out to VersicherungsJournal Deutschland for sharing my thoughts! To get the full scoop on why insurers are tuning into the rhythm of online marketing.

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