Using Tech to Scale the Effects of Good Insurance Salespeople

Technology sure made our lives better, including the insurance ecosystem. It helped the insurers, the brokers, and many other people that work behind the long-ass insurance policies. It changed the way we work and opened opportunities for more effective sales techniques.

Dr. Robin Kiera, CEO and Founder of Digitalscouting, in an interview with Conor Sweetman for Insurtech Radio, shared his thoughts about how insurance salespeople can make effective use of technology. 

One of the most notable parts of the podcast interview was the three (3) things that you need to provide your client.

Knowledge – It is important that clients know what you are talking about. Explain to them the meaning of the most used words in insurance – risks, policies, terms, etc.

Help – Sales job doesn’t end with selling alone, it involves helping the clients achieve their goals.

Entertainment – People are not just interested in your life more than you know. Let them know your hobbies and what you did at the weekend.

Founding a consulting and marketing agency after a career as an insurance agent, Robin has seen what practices truly works. Now that technology is everywhere, are we using it the right way?

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