“Wenn die Chinesen kommen, können wir in Deutschland einpacken“ – Dr. Robin Kiera

"Wenn die Chinesen kommen, können wir in Deutschland einpacken“ - Dr. Robin Kiera

The recent Insuretech Connect Asia in Singapore is the largest insurance and insurtech fair in Asia BUT sharing my learnings 👇

This was the first time that decision-makers from the first two insurtechs and neo-insurers to go public had a discussion.

Dr. Stefan M. Knoll, founder and CEO of DFV DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung AG and George Kesselman one of Asia’s best-known insurtech influencers and board member of ZA Tech, the tech subsidiary of China’s billion-dollar mega-insurtech Zhong An.

A company like Zhong An, but also others, some of whom we have never heard of in Europe, process completely different volumes than we do in Germany.

The head of DFV underlined on stage how important it is to develop new content for insurance products and then only their digital implementations.

On the other hand, Kesselman said “It is important to us to have a scalable, stable and fast process landscape on which we can then build different products. But implementing this in the day-to-day work and maintaining it consistently is the big challenge

George Kesselman also openly explained that Zhong An Tech aims not only to offer Zhong An’s core technology to others in Asia but also to customers outside the region.

Nevertheless, it is clear that if digital insurers with their large innovative strength like Zhong An will one day decide to sell insurance companies in Germany, which will be tight for insurers in Germany due to their technological lead, as commented by Dr. Knoll on the stage.

Thank you Versicherungs Journal for publishing my article.

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