3 Social Media Strategies for #Insurer and #Insurtech

3 Social Media Strategies for #Insurer and #Insurtech – Dr. Robin Kiera

After a day of talk in #Munich with several insurance companies evolved the use of social media and got the attention of insurance agents, insurance brokers, and customers – I decided to share the 3 social media strategies for insurers and insurtech companies he learned at the end of the day.

These tactics work for all: insurtech startups, insurance carriers, insurance agents and brokers and reinsurer.

Here are my 3 tips:

1. Just Start! 

You don’t need to have all of the works, orders, overall planning and be an expert social media manager to start. You really don’t need to have 5-year plans to achieve your goals – just start your social media!

2. Share Your Stories.

Just start sharing your stories no matter how small and big you might have. Refrain from stressing your self in producing high-quality and high-end commercials or branded contents – that is not as efficient as back in the days. 

According to studies, people are not interested anymore in clicking banners and watching commercials. They want to listen to your story.

You might be a multi-billion insurance company who doesn’t know what you’re doing with your social media – “that’s a story too, an authentic one by the way” – I think.

3. Love your Customers, Agents, and Brokers.

Be there for your Customers, Agents, and Brokers!

You may have heard stories of customers and brokers want to contact their insurers or banks and all they got was an answering machine – the responsible person was away.

Be available all the time 24/7 7 days a week for your customers, agents, and brokers to ensure the relationships with these important business drivers.


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