3 Things We Learned About The #Insurtech Ecosystem In #Israel

Greetings from the exciting and sunny city of Tel Aviv! 

Aside from the Mediterranean, high sky buildings, beautiful beach, and nice people, I also discovered more about the exciting #startup and #innovation scenes.

After a week of scouting for #startups, #trends, and #technology – I learned 3 things about the #insurtech ecosystem in #Israel.

1. Senior #Entrepreneurs – as per my impression, I noticed that entrepreneurs and founders were a little bit older than the other ecosystem. We don’t saw the most common ages like 25 or 27-year-old startup founders here but after some talks with the senior entrepreneurs, I really recognized the expertise behind them.

2. Heavy #Cybersecurity Expertise and Industry – Surprisingly, a lot of people left the army to join or create security and cybersecurity startups interesting the #insurance industry.

3. Impressive Expertise – after having in-depth discussions and technical debate about #TDoS attacks, more in-depth tech talks and business point of views. I was truly impressed with the knowledge and insights that I encountered in this paradisal place of Tel Aviv – No BS talk ever.

Personally inviting all of you to visit the beautiful city of Tel Aviv in the startup nation of great Israel – we’re all excited on our next plane ticket back.

Many thanks to Kobi Bendelak, CEO of Insurtech Israel for taking the time to show me around. Globally renowned insurance and insurtech expert from Israel became our tourist guide (just kidding) kind enough to show us not just the great places but also opening his dense network enabling me talking with insurance and insurtech startups.

Click here to watch our interview with him, learn more about the insurance and insurtech ecosystem all clips of nice places in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv.

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