4 Tips on How to be Customer-Centric Insurers

Customer-centricity should be a Top Priority.

We respect all business various target KPIs – market share, traffic, engagements, calls, sales, revenue, OTIF, ratings, and more;

Insurance is great, and the more we serve and value our customers in their most challenging times, the more they will realize our importance for the community.

But without customer loyalty and satisfaction, all might fail hard – (we need to admit) especially for our beloved but not so famous insurance industry.

Sharing with you our four (4) Tips on how to be Customer-Centric Insurers

1. The more your presence is felt, the more you will be connected with your customers. Yearly calls are so old fashioned. Check out your customers more frequently and ask if they need assistance with any of their daily random problems.

2. Customers love immediate results. That’s what digital products can offer. Provide comfort by providing services that customers can control and utilize in just a few clicks, without a bit of a hassle.

3. Do not blind your customers with jargons and other complicated words that will make it difficult for them to understand and absorb what they need to know about insurance. Transparent pricing and exact coverages will also save us from future trouble that may arise due to lapses from communication.

4. A responsible insurer analyzes the customers and lays out options for them to choose. It is done to ensure the compatibility of the insurance to the customers’ needs and lifestyle, therefore making every cent of their penny worth it.

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