4 Insurance Trends for 2020

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, “Las Vegas?” Well, the city is synonymous with party and gambling and fun. But today, I came to this beautiful and exciting city of Las Vegas for an entirely different reason – to join thousands of other insurance professionals from across the globe at the MGM Grand Conference Center.

I didn’t come alone to the 2019 InsurTech Connect in Las Vegas. Four awesome guys accompanied me: Ben, our cameraman, along with Michelle, Erin, and Jamie, who do an incredible job supporting Digitalscouting on the ground. I’m even considering getting more people on board for 2020’s ITC.

The convention is a great place to meet the “who is who” of the insurance industry, including movers and shakers, decision-makers, influencers from all parts of the world. It’s also where you get to interact, listen to, and learn from the experts and your peers as well.

I had more than 100 meetings at the ITC, from which I met the team of GloveBox InsurTech business along with Bold Penguin. It was also a pleasure to meet the sales and investment legend Carsten Maschmeyer.

In this video, I discuss the four major takeaways from the 2019 InsurTech Connect for the insurance industry. You’ll get a broad insight into the insurance trends and the disruptions that are changing the landscape. Here is what you’ll learn from the video:

• The #InsurTech hype is over

• The “agent” and “broker” is not dead – yet

• The pivoting of a lot of InsurTech startups from B2C to B2B or B2B to B2C

• How to use attention hacking

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